Welcome boxes for employees – 3 interesting inspirations

Niniejszy artykuł pod tytułem Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry nie stanowi porady, ani nie jest materiałem edukacyjnym, a jedynie przedstawia wyłącznie opinię jego autora. Oznacza to, że wszystkie informacje, które u nas znajdziesz na temat Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry należy traktować jako forma rozrywkowa, a każdą decyzję podejmować wyłącznie samodzielnie w oparciu o właśne doświadczenie oraz rozsądek. Nie tylko nie zachęcamy, ale wręcz odradzamy wykorzystywanie znalezionych tutaj informacji w każdym celu i w każdej sferze życia prywatnego oraz zawodowego.

Welcome boxes are a good way to gain the trust of a customer or contractor. They are also used in large companies to welcome new employees. Thanks to the welcome box we can evoke positive feelings towards the brand and thus encourage to work for the company. How to make the most of their potential?

Why is it worth implementing welcome boxes in your company?

A Welcome Box is, well, a welcome box. It can have different forms and functions. Most commonly used:

  • welcome boxes for new customers – these boxes contain promotional materials, discount cards and samples of various products,
  • welcome boxes for wedding guests – these boxes contain small gifts from the bride and groom,
  • welcome boxes for new employees – these boxes contain useful and practical advertising gadgets with the company logo.

How to design a unique welcome box?

There are a few important principles that should govern the design of the welcome box for new employees. The most important of them is to choose the content of the box so that it is unique and special. Most often these are specially made to order company gadgets, such as a notebook, mug or fountain pen. Of course, they bear the logotype of the company. Slightly less often in the welcome box we can find sets of cosmetics, jewellery or sweets.

Such boxes are donated by the American company GUILD to its employees. In the boxes they can find, among other things, a cup, a USB stick, a notebook and stationery.

welcome box - GUILD


So is Ogilvy Cape Town. Here, however, the box was designed with great care to make it luxurious and look like… a red welcome carpet.

Ogilvy Cape Town


The organizers of Habari Media’s Tuongee Symposium also presented interesting boxes, not to the employees, but to the conference participants. In addition to gadgets, there is also “The Quintessentially Metaphorical Field Guide to Humans on Business Safari”.

Habari Media's Tuongee Symposium


What else is worth remembering?

  • furnish the interior of the box with compartments that will separate the gifts from each other,
  • Print something not only on the outside but also inside the box, e.g. a welcome password or a company motto,
  • take care of the design of the box, the appearance should be consistent with the visual identification of the company.