The most beautiful paper bags for food products


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Paper bags are used in many applications in the food industry. They can be used to pack coffee, tea, sweets and loose products. How to create a packaging that will attract the customer’s attention? Here are the most interesting ideas in the food packaging industry!

The most interesting ideas for paper bags for food products

Paper bags do not need to be unsightly and even more boring. There is no shortage of creative ideas for food packaging in the world of the food industry. A good example is the colourful luxury packaging from Avoir. Avoir breakfast products are made from natural and exquisite ingredients. These are products for a healthy breakfast for lovers of the trend of being fit. It is tasty, extravagant and luxurious. It is not without reason that a healthy food manufacturer is packing its products in such extravagant boxes and bags – it is a commodity for exceptional customers!

paper bag avoir

The famous chef Tom Kerridge also uses luxury decorative bags. Exquisite British cuisine products and ingredients of Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet are packed in bags in natural brown Kraft colour. Take away products are also shipped to customers in green and elegant bags.

tom kerridge

Paper bags with atypical prints

Another example of interesting packaging is Astrid Therese paper bags. The print on the wine bags was placed in a very strategic place – on the handle. Thanks to this treatment, the packaging looks great when the customer takes it in his hand. The motif of pouring into a glass of wine also encourages you to buy!

paper bag Astrid Therese

Botanical Coffee Company can also boast of beautiful bags. Green, pale pink and delicate prints show that the brand is inspired by nature. Paper takeaway cups from Botanical Coffee Company also impress with their aesthetic appearance!

botanical coffee

Beautiful packaging can also be found among Generous products. Belgian sweets are packed in white paper bags printed in various colours. Aesthetic packaging adorns the images of fictional heroes created by the brand. The physical appearance of these characters refers to the kind of sweets that are in the box. Charlotte Chocolat, Sylvain Speculoos, Victor Vanille, Celine Citron and Nicole Noisette strongly encourage you to buy Generous!

paper bag generous