15 Packaging Design Templates

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Packaging design plays a very important role in e-commerce. Thanks to aesthetic boxes it is possible to interest customers in new products, as well as arouse interest in existing offer and services. Where to get packaging design templates? Or would you like to outsource this task to an external company? Below our suggestions!

Packaging design templates – how to design the perfect box?

Designing packaging for business is a big challenge, which is usually outsourced to specialized companies. Packaging manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of their customers in 100%. This is how original, practical and very aesthetic product boxes, shipping packages and luxurious business packages are created.

Good packaging is a box that protects products from damage and is suitable for shipping cosmetics, electronics and glass products. Another aspect worth remembering is design. The box is designed to interest the customer and evoke emotions. In the case of stationary stores, with the help of packaging, you can effectively lure the consumer and encourage them to buy. To make it happen and the box attractive enough for consumers, it is worth betting on unusual solutions: print on it creative patterns, catchy advertising slogans or equip it with an original cut-out.

Packaging design templates – 15 best templates for business

Are you interested in packaging design templates? Fortunately, on the Internet you can find many sites that offer such solutions, and it’s even free of charge! Among the available solutions you can find cardboard box models, designs and punching dies for paper bags, as well as various other custom solutions. Some of them were created with a specific brand in mind, others were designed by the authors under the influence of the moment. It is certainly worth taking a look at them to be inspired to create your own packaging.

Here are 15 interesting templates for designing packaging, which we have come across recently. Attention, not all of them are for free!

#1 Free Vintage Bottle Label Template

Free Vintage Bottle Label Template

Those who love sophisticated vintage templates will love the Free Vintage Bottle Label Template. The template is ready to print and can be easily edited as needed. It is elegant and ideally suited to support the design of packaging for luxury goods, especially those packaged in glass bottles. The template can be downloaded from template.net (link).

#2 Paper Bag Mock-Up

Paper Bag Mock-Up

Need an interesting paper bag for your business? Paper Bag Template Mock-Up can meet your needs. The project in PSD format can be freely edited. If you want, you can also customize light effects, shadows and reflections and, of course, add your own graphics to your design.

#3 Floral Wine Label Template

Floral Wine Label Template

Floral Wine Label Template is a template provided by Canva. It is simple and stands out with its fresh colours. Its creators suggest using a template for the production of beverage labels, in particular the design is suitable as a frame for elegant wine.

#4 Milk Carton Design

Milk Carton Design

If you are looking for a design template for cardboard packaging, e.g. for milk, Studio Envato can help you. The Milk Carton Design model is aesthetic, easy to personalize and realistic. Unfortunately, it cannot be edited on its own, but it is possible to commission such a service to its author.

#5 Plastic Pouch Bag Mock-Up Pouch

Plastic Pouch Bag Mock-Up Pouch

Another proposal from Elements Envato is a folio pack project. The template contains 16 PSD files with different versions of the project. Thanks to the use of intelligent objects, editing is very easy and visualization realistic.

#6 Editable Chocolate Packaging Template

Editable Chocolate Packaging Template

Sweets producers will appreciate the projects that can be found on Template.net. An editable, ready-to-print template has been saved in a PSD file so that it can be opened using Adobe Photoshop software. The user may change the fonts, colours and inscriptions on the packaging.

#7 Free Retro Branding & Packaging Design

Free Retro Branding & Packaging Design

On behance.net you can find a very interesting template for packaging design by Milos Milovanovica. The artist created this project for the Mesa Baja brand. The colours and logo design are based on the organic origin of Mesa Baja products and the headquarters of this agribusiness in Colombia.

#8 Label design for organic chocolate

Label design for organic chocolate

Chic & Choc is a fictional brand and the project was created by a student. What distinguishes this template is its elegant colours, expressive fonts and love of old school design.

#9 Noodle Bowl Pack

Noodle Bowl Pack

Here is another template for catering companies. The project is ideal for those places that offer take-away food. The author has created 3 different sizes so that the packaging can accommodate both a small portion of rice and a burger or soup. He also suggests that a template be applied to waterproof paper suitable for food packaging.

#10 Beer Bread

Beer Bread

This template was created for a specific product, namely beer bread. What distinguishes it is its original colours and minimalism. The packaging shall contain only such content as is necessary for the recipient to know which product it is dealing with.

# 11 Dark Blue and Beige Malt Vector Beer Label

Dark Blue and Beige Malt Vector Beer Label

This template is suitable for both luxury tea producers and distributors of other beverages. The colours were chosen with the utmost care – the dark blue and grey background combined with light font and floral patterns gives the design a sophisticated character.

#12 Small Packaging Mock-up

Small Packaging Mock-up

The template is ideal for manufacturers of small articles. The project contains a ready-made PSD file prepared in high resolution. The layers are well organized so that the user has no problem separating them according to his preferences.

#13 Chocolate Packaging Box

Chocolate Packaging Box

Another proposition for confectionery producers. In addition to graphic files, the template also includes a tutorial, which allows the user to modify the project at his own discretion.

#14 Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging

If you’re looking for a template for pharmaceutical products, you’ve come to the right place. Tidy colours, different sizes and high resolution – this is what Medical Packaging Mock-up offers. The project is easily editable, you can also add additional elements to the model, including the necessary company logo.

#15 Paper Box Mock-Up

Paper Box Mock-Up

Template is a free box model, which after folding takes the shape of a cube. The project can be easily edited in Adobe Photoshop, changing not only its colours, but also the layout and appearance of the individual elements that will be placed on the box.

Are you looking for an idea for an interesting packaging? Or maybe you need help in creating the perfect box for your business? Check out our Packhelp – packaging for business article and learn more about the art of packaging design. Perhaps you will be tempted to cooperate with a packaging manufacturer and entrust him with most of the tasks related to the implementation of an advertising campaign for your brand.