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Salmon boxes for e-commerce – you will be amazed by these colours!

by Packaging-Design.net
Salmon boxes for e-commerce - you will be amazed by these colours!

Unusual colours are what customers love the most. You can also use them in boxes for e-commerce. Pink tones, including salmon, are particularly fashionable this season. Check out our article and get inspired!

Boxes for e-commerce – fashion for unusual colours

How to create a unique and distinctive product packaging? Manufacturers of boxes for e-commerce propose to go beyond the schemes. In the offers of many companies you can read about the fact that we have practically unlimited room for manoeuvre when creating a box. We have an influence not only on what shape it will take, but also on what will be printed on it. We can also go crazy with colours. One of such unusual colours is the salmon colour. We have prepared for you a set of 5 unique box inspirations with this colour. Make sure you check it out!

#1 Glossier



Glossier is an example of a company that not only used subtle roses in its visual identity, but also developed a number of creative slogans and applied them to its boxes. After opening the aesthetic boxes, customers can read the words “You Look Good” or “Skin first, makeup second, smile always!”.

#2 Odd Molly

Odd Molly


Swedish clothing company can boast very aesthetically designed packaging. In addition to the traditional minimalist bags, the company also launched beautiful salmon bags with black and white ribbons. These unique packaging are very readily stored by the customers after purchase!

#3 Acne Studios

Acne Studios


Small salmon boxes Acne Studios is a real phenomenon when it comes to boxes for e-commerce. They are beautiful, do not take up much space, and their content extends, giving the whole thing a Premium character. Customers love them!

#4 Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart


Boxes for e-commerce are not only boxes, but also paper bags. Jill Stuart, a manufacturer of clothing for women, men and children, has opted for unique pink packaging. Clothes of this brand are packed in very aesthetic and luxurious shopping bags in vintage style.

#5 Ellie



Fitness enthusiasts certainly know Ellie perfectly well. Ellie’s subscribed pink boxes are definitely eye-catching. The white logotype emphasizes the character of the brand and products, giving the whole thing an exceptionally attractive look.

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