Printed boxes – celebrity-branded perfumes

The series of perfumes designed by celebrities is distinguished not only by its fragrance. Many of them are packed in totally fantastic packaging. Need inspiration to create unique printed boxes for your products? Look at that perfume!

The best printed boxes for celebrity-branded perfumes – TOP3

#1 Lady Gaga Fame

The best printed boxes - Lady Gaga Fame

Printed boxes for Lady Gaga’s perfume are definitely eye-catching. The design of the bottles and packaging is based on a luxurious combination of black and gold. Luxurious, but also controversial – perfumed water has the colour of dark berries, but after application on the skin becomes colourless. The golden ring on the packaging and the fonts indicate that this is a high-end product for demanding women.

#2 Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

The best printed boxes - Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

Jessica Simpson went in a completely different direction. Her perfume packaging is subtle, feminine and retro-style. Delicate colours dominate – pink and straw yellow and sophisticated fonts. The central part of the box is the name of the perfume with the signature of the celebrity.

#3 Katy Perry Meow

The best printed boxes - Katy Perry Meow

The perfume designed by Katy Perry is also noteworthy. We’re talking about eye-catching Meow. Perfumes are distinguished by both the bottle and the packaging, which iridescently iridescent with a sweet pink. Many adult women, but also teenagers, would like to get such a scent as a gift!

The best printed boxes for celebrity-branded perfumes

Printed boxes for Nicky Minaj Pink Friday

Nicky Minaj Pink Friday

An interesting perfume was also presented by Nicky Minaj. Pink Friday series is packed in original phosphorizing printed boxes. They use an interesting negative motif, and of course the colours are maintained in feminine, pink and gold tones.

Printed boxes for Beyonce Pulse

Beyonce Pulse

Compared to the above packaging, the Beyonce Pulse perfume packaging design is much more mature. The navy blue, white and blue colour scheme attracts attention, and the brand logotype placed not only on the top but also on the side walls adds prestige.

Printed boxes for Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Love Always

Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Love Always

Finally, take a look at the beautiful and elegant black packaging in which Reb’l Fleur Love Always designed by Rihanna is packed. The packaging is minimalistic. As in the case of the Gaga perfume, a luxurious combination of black and gold is used. Look at this gentle embossing on the box!