Packhelp – packaging for business!

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Are you looking for an interesting idea for a business package? Do you want to refresh your brand image or build a positive image of your company from scratch? It is worth to get acquainted with the offer of the Polish company Packhelp!

Packhelp, pack it up!

Packhelp is a Polish company dealing with professional production of packaging for business. It specializes in creating personalized boxes for many industries. Among Packhelp’s customers you can find small and large clothing brands, food producers, distributors of cosmetics and event organizers. What is interesting, Packhelp is addressed not only to customers from Poland – the brand is already internationally renowned!

It started with a start-up

Packhelp is a company that started to exist on the market in 2015, as a start-up. The main goal was to modernize the packaging industry. The creators of the start-up created an online platform that allows customers to design and order packaging themselves. Such online packaging design does not require any contact with the printing house, it is allowed to produce even small pieces of boxes, e.g. in the number of 30 copies.

Packhelp delivers packaging to customers in more than 30 countries, including Poland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Scandinavia. Packhelp’s customers include small and independent retailers as well as world-renowned brands such as BMW, H&M, Uber and Google.

bmw packaging

Economics and ecology – a duo without which modern business cannot exist

Packhelp is not only a manufacturer of economic and aesthetic packaging. It is also the creator of ecological boxes that do not harm the natural environment. The company produces cardboard boxes made of recycled paper, thanks to which they can be reused many times. This aspect is particularly valued by modern consumers. Eco friendly boxes can be printed with eco-friendly paint to give them an aesthetic or premium look. It is also possible to order boxes without any printing. Whatever the customer can think of!

If you are looking for interesting inspirations and are interested in packaging marketing, check out the Packhelp website. You will find there ready-made packaging designs, an online tutorial, as well as advice on designing business boxes.