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Packaging trends – why will black and white never get bored?

by Packaging-Design.net
Packaging trends - why will black and white never get bored?

Black and white – these two colours have always prevailed when it comes to packaging trends. What’s so special about them? In which industries are they most popular? Check out our article!

Packaging trends – why black and white dominate the packaging industry?

Black and white is a timeless duo that is suitable for various occasions. Minimalistic combinations of these two colours appear in the construction industry, interior design and fashion catwalks. They also reign in the world of jewellery. Black and white also dominates the packaging industry, especially luxury packaging. Stylish black and white cosmetics packaging, minimalist shoe and clothing boxes, beautiful, modern white gift bags with black overprint… These are some of the few packaging trends that remain unchanged in the packaging industry because they look very aesthetic and give the products a premium look.

Packaging trends – minimalist boxes loved by thousands of customers

#1 Minimalistic and modern

Kire Skin


Minimalistic labels appear on Kire Skin packaging, for example. Snow-white cardboard combined with a simple overprint gives this brand a professional and elegant character. With this style, Kire Skin cosmetics look great, not only on the web, but also at industry events!

#2 Abstraction and curiosity

Bianco Nero


As it turns out, black-and-white packaging is also suitable for packing… food. Among the packaging for Greek Tsililis wines, the BiancoNero wines definitely stand out. The producer’s intention is to attract the attention of the customer and encourage him to read the label – only then will he find out what kind of wine he is dealing with. Abstract design perfectly matches the tastes of modern consumers!

#3 Black and white in the fresh edition



Fensismensi is a company that has decided to boldly combine minimalist style with humorous design. The boxes were designed with the use of the so-called polka dots. Fensismensi boxes have a fresh and modern look, and pop art inspirations and black dots to break the white make every customer open these boxes with a smile and excitement!

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