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Packaging trends: surprise boxes!

by Packaging-Design.net
Packaging trends: surprise boxes!

Surprise box is a perfect gift for people who like risk and unexpected gifts. What are the latest packaging trends? Let’s take a look at the mystery boxes that have recently appeared on the market!

Packaging trends: What are surprise boxes?

Among the latest packaging trends you cannot miss an interesting type of box, the so-called surprise box. These are packages full of unexpected gadgets that can be given as a gift to a loved one. Mystery box manufacturers usually specify the category to which random items belong, as well as the value of the gift, and accept small suggestions about the content of the gift. The rest is a mystery! Do such boxes work well and are they popular? Absolutely!

Packaging trends: these surprise boxes will surprise you, not only with their contents

#1 Diamond Grains

Diamond Grains


We know that it is still far from Christmas, but it is worth paying attention to the original surprise boxes, which were given to their customers by Diamond Grains brand. Limited edition boxes – surprises sold in record quantities and, according to the producer, disappeared from the shelves within 15 minutes. Beautiful packaging also made a big noise in Social Media.

#2 Marshalls



Interesting boxes – surprises are also offered by Marshalls brand. Packaging can include gifts from the fashion and beauty categories, decorative accessories for the home, and even small electronics and devices using new technologies. These boxes were used in one of the advertising campaigns of Marshalls shops and perfectly fit the company’s slogan “Never Boring, Always Surprising”! The question mark was deliberately placed on the box to further reduce the tension when opening it.

#3 Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise


Also worth noting are the monthly boxes of Yogi Surprise. Inside, customers of this brand can find several full-size products from the health, wellness and fitness categories, such as organic snacks, herbal cosmetics and exercise accessories. The purple colours of the box are modern and memorable. Interior printed with useful tips and advertising slogans that encourage you to join the Yogi Surprise online community. After receiving such a surprise box there is nothing left but to visit the brand profiles in Social Media and follow them regularly!

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