Packaging trends – stylish boxes with compartments

Packaging trends are constantly changing, as are customer needs. Nowadays, fashionable and stylish boxes with compartments are on the top. We present how you can use them to present your products!

Boxes with compartments are most often used by jewellery, cosmetics and electronics manufacturers. Thanks to the orderly structure of the box interior, it is possible to separate individual products, which increases their safety during transport to the customer. An additional advantage of boxes with compartments is the exposition of the product and showing its best features. What are the packaging trends when it comes to boxes with compartments? Let’s check it out!


BVLGARI packaging

The history of Bvlgari began in the middle of the 19th century. Initially, its founder dealt only with the production of author’s jewellery. Today, the Bvlgari brand is known all over the world and delights not only with luxury jewellery, but also with perfumes and extravagant food products. Luxury chocolates by Bvlgari are packed in boxes that impress with their jewellery precision. The high-end product is shipped to customers in elegant black, gold, grey and cream boxes with compartments. We definitely like such packaging trends, don’t you?

#2 Grown Alchemist

Grown alchemist packaging

Grown Alchemist is an example of a cosmetic brand, which is familiar with box trends. A manufacturer of natural organic cosmetics packs cosmetic sets in tasteful boxes with compartments. In this way, the whole set of facial cosmetics can be placed in one white box, along with instructions on how to apply them. Isn’t it well thought out?

#3 Leica

leica packaging

As we have already mentioned, boxes with compartments are also frequently used by electronics manufacturers. A good example is Leica, whose unique “Fedrigoni” X2 camera is packed in a minimalist, snow-white box with compartments that beautifully display the gadget. Grey prints on the box add a touch of elegance, and inside you can find a manual and a range of neatly arranged accessories for your camera.