Packaging trends – holographic boxes

Are you interested in packaging trends? One of the latest fashionable solutions used in marketing are holographic boxes. How are they made? What can you pack into? We give you a hint at today’s entry!

Packaging marketing is a very creative industry. Trends are changing here every step of the way. In order to stay in the market and fight for the customer, you need to be vigilant and act quickly. One of the latest Packaging trends in product packaging is the use of holographic effect boxes. How do you make such packaging?

Holographic effects are one of the many methods of printing enhancement. They can be placed on cardboard boxes of any size – for both sales and marketing purposes. The hologram distinguishes the product on the shelf and can also be used to highlight important product features and to display the brand logo.

Holographic boxes can be used for packaging:

  • Pharmaceutical Products,
  • Cosmetics for body and face care,
  • Loose products packed in plastic bags (e.g. dietary supplements),
  • Luxury goods – e.g. jewellery.

How does it work in practice? Let’s see!

#1 Obé holographic boxes

Holographic boxes are used e.g. by Obé. Modern Obé apps are designed to support a healthy lifestyle. Advertising boxes fit perfectly into the sports and health-oriented philosophy of this brand!

packaging branding Obe

#2 Binh Coffee Binh

Equally interesting are holographic packages of Binh Coffee – once noticed on the shelf, they will certainly be remembered for a long time!

packaging branding binh coffee

#3 Performance Lab

Performance Lab boxes are also hard to miss on the shelf – iridescent holographic prints decorate the surface of cardboard packaging and plastic bottles of pharmaceutical products.

packaging branding parformance lab

Hybrid or holographic prints on the box give it a premium look and look more luxurious. Similar solutions that can be applied are hot stamping. Thanks to such procedures, the box significantly increases its aesthetic value, which positively influences the brand’s reception by customers.

Would you like to implement such modern holographic boxes in your company?