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Packaging trends for dog treats

by Packaging-Design.net
Packaging trends for dog treats

The main character of today’s entry is packaging trends in the pet industry. Let’s see what kind of packaging is fashionable in the world of furry pets! You will surely find a lot of interesting inspirations there!

Packaging trends in the zoological industry

Packaging trends in the pet industry, not only in the case of dog treats, means creating packaging that makes it easy to identify the brand. Many of them are characterized by a friendly appearance, lively colours, as well as practical solutions that facilitate the dosage of delicacies and giving them to your pet. Which solutions are particularly fashionable? Let’s check it out!

Packaging trends – more than just a dog treat

#1 Snarfies Packaging

Snarfies Packaging


Snarfies are one-component, 100% natural dog treats, produced by a small American family business. The packages in which the treats are sold are designed in a loose style and contain, among other things, useful tips for the owners of four-legged animals. Is it true that Snarfy’s advertising slogans are encouraging?

#2 Dog Bakery

Dog Bakery


Dog Bakery is the first Greek bakery where dog treats are baked. Dog Bakery delicacies are made from natural ingredients and up to 8 flavours are available. All of them are packaged in eco-friendly recycled paper packaging that emphasizes the importance of ecology for Dog Bakery. Smiling images of dogs also win the brand over many fans.




Fresco is a German company producing dog food. Like the brands mentioned above, we are dealing here with only natural ingredients of high quality. FRESCO packaging has been designed with particular care to emphasize the premium character of the product. Detailed illustrations and colours have been chosen to relate to values such as vitality, health and nature.

#4 Witty Dog

Witty Dog


Witty Dog is an example of a company producing organic dog food, packed in unusual, because it is kept in black colours of packaging. Nevertheless, the visual identification is very encouraging. The neon inscriptions are clear and legible, and the image of a smiling dog in the west type encourages you to buy.

And which of these delicacies would you like to buy?

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