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Packaging ideas for luxury food

by Packaging-Design.net
Packaging ideas for luxury food

Do you produce or distribute luxury food? Today’s entry will surely interest you. Discover interesting packaging ideas for the luxury food industry!

Interesting packaging ideas for luxury confectionery

When it comes to packaging ideas for luxury food, sweets are the first to lead the way here. Just look at the examples below.

#1 Pana Chocolate

Packaging ideas Miss Chocolate


“Something is basically naked inside here – not only do Pana Chocolate’s boxes have this inviting and creative slogan on them, but they are also very prestigious in their own right – black, printed in silver and equipped with a sliding bottom.

#2 Godiva

Packaging ideas - godiva


Godiva is another example of a brand that delights with its packaging. Delicious truffles are packed in elegant oblong boxes, which print looks like it was made of chocolate glaze. Isn’t it delicious?

#3 Beau Cacao



This brand has appeared on our blog once before. Allow us to highlight it again. Beau Cacao presents his customers with chocolate packed in a unique way. Paper packaging captivates with its choice of colours and subtle and precise prints. Beau Cacao chocolates are available in a variety of colours – yellow, red and brown depending on taste. The centre of the packaging features an eye-catching company logo.

Packaging ideas for other luxury products

#1 Packaging ideas – Puhtikaura



As you can see, oatmeal can also be nicely packed. White cardboard, gold prints and a minimalist oat illustration make this flake box a premium box. No wonder Puhtikaura has won many prestigious awards!

#2 Ransa Queen

ransa queen


As it turns out, the saffron spice can also be packed in such a way as to emphasize the luxurious character of this product. The Ransa Queen is once again a black packaging and glossy prints, and customers also receive elegant bottles.

#3 Zealong



Beautiful Premium boxes can also be found in the tea industry. A good example is Zealong. Boxes hiding the original Rose Oolong tea from China and Taiwan were enriched with gold foil, additionally embossed and fixed with UV technology. They are as delicate and exquisite as Rose Oolong!

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