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Packaging ideas for CDs – check it out!

by Packaging-Design.net
Inspirational packaging ideas for CDs

The modern music market is a market where it is not easy to excel. How can musicians achieve success and distinguish their works on store shelves? E.g. through the original CD packaging. Let’s check out the best packaging ideas for CDs!

Packaging ideas for CDs – creative and original

#1 JakeBox



JakeBox is a Swedish concept for CD packaging. These boxes are made of ecological cardboard. The box is elegant and neat and opens in an interesting way. A “claw” jumping out of the middle of the disc disassembles and presents the disc in an eye-catching way. The plate is held only by its edges to avoid scratching.

#2 Chelsea Roper packaging ideas for CDs

Packaging ideas for CD - JakeBox


The Chelsea Roper Design studio also had a great packaging ideas for CDs. Not only is the box spacious and opens in a very interesting way, but it also impresses with its aesthetic and music-related design.

#3 I am David Sparkle

I am David Sparkle


Interesting packaging for the albums was also used by a group performing music in the atmosphere of progressive rock – I am David Sparkle. Swords album boxes open in an unusual way, but their design is quite simple (not to say minimalistic) and uses the contrast of two colours – white and black. In a white cardboard box with a printed interior, there was a black-coloured embossed tile on which the most important information was printed in white font. Isn’t it elegant?

Packaging ideas for CDs – vintage in accordance with ecology

#1 Sin Imagen

Packaging ideas for CDS - Sin Imagen


Sin Imagen cardboard packaging for Sin Imagen panels is made of corrugated cardboard. What distinguishes them is their interesting way of opening. The inside of the box pops out to the person opening it like a ramp with goods in a warehouse or an unusual drawer. Inside were two plates, resting in a safe distance from each other.

#2 Manuel Bertol

Manuel Bertol


Although it is not a music CD, it is still worth mentioning these boxes when it comes to packaging ideas for CDs. Brazilian wedding photographer Bertol gives his customers tiles packed in unique ecological boxes. The plate itself is stylized as a mini vinyl, while Kraft’s cardboard reflects the pro-ecological character of digital photography.

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