Packaging ideas – cool Flip-Flop

Flip-Flop presented a unique approach to bathing products for children. It is worth to be inspired by this and other packaging ideas to create packaging for your business. You don’t believe it? Check it out!

Packaging ideas – creating packaging for children’s products is not easy

Customized product boxes are an excellent way to distinguish your products on the market. But how to create a unique packaging for a brand whose products are dedicated to children? It’s best to come up with packaging ideas that appeal to both younger consumers and their parents.

A brand should evoke positive associations and inspire trust. Packaging should also be like this! Therefore, their design should be well thought out and adjusted to the targeted group, i.e. the audience. How did the brand Flip – Flop, a manufacturer of bathing goods, cope with this task?

Creative packaging – let’s take a look at the Flip-flop boxes!

The main mission of Flip-Flop was to make sure that the children’s bath was pleasant and that the youngest were not afraid of it. The bathing products offered by this brand should therefore be functional on the one hand, and interesting and eye-catching on the other. And so it is – both a hygiene product and a toy.

A unique range of bath products for children aged between one and five years consists of shampoo, body lotions, foam bath, shower gel and hair conditioner. How were these articles packaged?

Flip-Flop boxes are ecological and unique, as are the bottles in which children’s cosmetics are packaged. On the box there is a picture of the product with a short description. Contrasting colours – white, red and sea blue – make the packaging eye-catching and inviting to buy.

A perfect solution is also to design bottles for bathing articles so that they can be assembled into various figures. After using such a packaging you do not have to throw it away (it is a pity to throw it away!), but you can use it many times to play. The idea is therefore functional, modern and fresh.

And what do you think of the boxes and bottles of Flip-Flop? You know similar examples from the children’s articles industry? Check also our last entry: