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Minimalistic boxes for shipping clothes

by Packaging-Design.net
Minimalistic boxes for shipping clothes

Minimalism is a fashionable trend, not only in construction. This trend is also emerging in the packaging industry. How to design interesting and minimalistic boxes for shipping for your company? Let’s have a look!

Minimalistic boxes for shipping – these clothing companies use them perfectly as a business card of the brand!

#1 Lewis & Co.

lewis and co packaging


The manufacturer of branded men’s shirts knows perfectly well what minimalism and elegance are. Lewis & Co. products are packed in beautiful white boxes for shipping, bearing the company symbol – male black bow tie. Apart from the name and logotype of the company, the box does not contain any unnecessary advertising slogans or illustrations. Such a minimalist box is an advertisement in itself!

#2 Komoseyama

Komoseyama packaging


Komoseyama is a minimalist clothing brand from Japan. The company puts emphasis on simplicity and modernity, which can be seen not only in the clothes of this brand, but also in the product boxes. Komoseyama shirts are shipped to customers in simple grey cardboard boxes. In the central part of the box there is a logo and the inscription Made in Japan, besides the box also has an elegant border. So designing boxes for shipping talk about your product more than the best advertising slogans!

#3 Louis Vuitton

Louis vitton packaging


Louis Vuitton is an example of a company that packs its products in minimalist, yet very original boxes. Characteristic of a French fashion house, the cardboard packaging opens with an elegant string. The manufacturer of exclusive bags, suitcases and luggage is over 150 years old. In the history of Louis Vuitton, packaging of various colors has appeared, from elegant gold boxes, through white and orange, to subdued browns.

#4 Deerz

Deerz packaging


Lovers of thick Scandinavian sweaters will certainly like to buy Deerz products. Clothing is shipped to customers in neat, minimalist brown boxes. On the front side there is a notch through which you can see the product. The Deerz clothing labels are also minimalistic, what is most striking is the company’s logo, which is arranged in the shape of a deer’s head. The design of Deerz boxes for shipping refers to the company’s pro-ecological attitude. This is also evidenced by the additional inscription on the label – “Quality from nature”.

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