Minimalism, ecology and a return to nature – this is how personalized cosmetic boxes are created


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Table of content:
  • Personalized cosmetic boxes that are memorable for your customers
    • #1 White boxes of Body Bubble
    • #2 Natural boxes of Biotika
    • #3 Class and ecology by Valia
Niniejszy artykuł pod tytułem Brown boxes with imprints – less is more! nie stanowi porady, ani nie jest materiałem edukacyjnym, a jedynie przedstawia wyłącznie opinię jego autora. Oznacza to, że wszystkie informacje, które u nas znajdziesz na temat Brown boxes with imprints – less is more! należy traktować jako forma rozrywkowa, a każdą decyzję podejmować wyłącznie samodzielnie w oparciu o właśne doświadczenie oraz rozsądek. Nie tylko nie zachęcamy, ale wręcz odradzamy wykorzystywanie znalezionych tutaj informacji w każdym celu i w każdej sferze życia prywatnego oraz zawodowego.

Are you interested in how personalized cosmetic boxes are made? Are you looking for inspiration to create packaging for your products? We followed the trends and came across unique minimalist and ecological ideas. Here they are!

Personalized cosmetic boxes that are memorable for your customers

There is no better way to stand out on the market than the original boxes. This idea is also followed by the producers of cosmetics, especially natural ones, from the higher shelf. Their ecological character of production can be perfectly emphasized by a properly designed box. What personalized cosmetic boxes can be found in the world of e-commerce? Here are the best of them!

#1 White boxes of Body Bubble

body bobble

Body Bobble presented its clients with cosmetics in a very practical form. The edition of Wiley Baby is a 3-in-1 product with a bath lotion, body gel and shampoo. The ecological and economic character of the product is accompanied by its packaging. Wiley Baby’s cosmetics have been packaged in modest, but very aesthetic, environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

#2 Natural boxes of Biotika


Biotika is a Polish producer who has opted for unique product boxes in natural brown colour. The candle manufacture packs both individual products and gift sets in these aesthetic Kraft cardboard boxes. Personalized cosmetic boxes for Biotika cosmetics are also distinguished by ecological fillers. The whole thing is very well thought out and stylish!

#3 Class and ecology by Valia


Skincare cosmetics manufacturer Valia has also used eco-friendly boxes to pack its products. Personalised packaging is minimalist and refers in colour to the natural character of cosmetics. Some of Valia’s specialities are also packaged in lovely white boxes with a delicate print. As in the case of Biotika boxes, the interior is filled with environmentally friendly sawdust. Their task is to absorb shocks and prevent the cosmetics from being damaged during transport to the customer.