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Mailer boxes – amaze your customers with greenery!

by Packaging-Design.net
Mailer boxes - amaze your customers with greenery!

The eco-friendly image plays an important role in sales processes. In many cases, a pro-ecological attitude of the company may even influence the purchasing decisions of customers. How to build such a company image? Try the unusual green mailer boxes! Let’s see how this green marketing strategy has worked for several well-known brands!

Green mailer boxes in the business world

#1 Green mailer boxes Gobble

Green mailer boxes Gobble


Green is often used to label products that are produced from natural ingredients and classify themselves as healthy foods. This is also the case with Gobble. Gobble home-made organic meals are packed in very aesthetic cardboard green mailer boxes, which emphasize the ecological character of the brand.

#2 Boxes of Free O’clock tea

Boxes of Free O'clock tea


Green mailer boxes could not be missing in the offer of Free O’clock Tea. Jasmine Blossom’s green cardboard packaging is one of the brand’s most eye-catching tea boxes. Abstract artistic blobs and skilful choice of colours attract the eye and encourage to buy. Colouring, although alive, is also delicate, which is a reference to the taste of tea.

#3 Packaging Botanical Coffee Coffee Co.

Packaging Botanical Coffee Coffee Co.


Botanical Coffee Coffee Co. is also a brand that draws inspiration from nature. The ecological paper bags in which Botanical Coffee Coffee Co. products are packed combine a love of nature with an aesthetic and luxurious look. It might seem that the combination of two colours – pink and green – will have a negative impact on the design, but, as you can see, it is completely the opposite!

#4 Series of packaging Boreal Cannabis Corp.

Series of packaging Boreal Cannabis Corp.


When it comes to the use of green colour in marketing, Boreal Cannabis Corp. is also worth mentioning. The brand decided to pack its products in luxurious white and green boxes decorated with gold logotype. Boreal Cannabis Corp. plastic bags and sachets in which tea is packed are kept in similar colours. There is nothing like a consistent visual identity, especially if it concerns such a luxurious product!

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