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Luxury Packaging Projects – Boxes for Engagement Rings

by Packaging-Design.net
Luxury Packaging Projects - Boxes for Engagement Rings

Luxury packaging designs impress with their ideas, style and, above all, aesthetics. What are the top solutions? We have collected some of the most interesting ideas for boxes for engagement rings. There they are!

Luxury packaging design – boxes for engagement rings that will delight you no less than the jewellery itself!

#1 Heidi Gibson

Heidi Gibson


The engagement rings from the Rhapsody Heidi Gibson series delight not only with their appearance, but also with their packaging. Elegant jewellery rests on a grey soft pillow, embedded in a snow-white box. The side edges of the packaging are decorated with the company name and the top of the box looks very aesthetically pleasing with the logotype in the form of initials. Many women have lost their breath when they see a box like this!

#2 Sylvie Collection



Engagement rings Sylvie Collection is a unique jewellery in retro style, decorated with diamonds. The box is also eye-catching – elegant, tiny, decorated in blue, soothing colours. The ring exposed on the cushion ring looks great! Other packaging used by the brand include boxes in a delicate pink colour and subtle selenium-coloured boxes.

#3 Devotion



If you are bored with standard solutions, take a look at the luxury packaging design by Devotion. Beautiful rings are presented exceptionally splendidly in folding, grey boxes. The prestige of the whole is given by a silver-plated, glossy logotype, which was placed in the visible part of the box.

What else is in fashion when it comes to engagement ring packaging?

ring box


The packaging for rings in the shape of an opening book is very popular!

wooden box


And also boxes made of natural wood, the standard ones and those whose shape differs from the traditional one.

flower box


Fans of floral motifs will love the box, which when opened, spreads like rose petals.

golden snitch


And fans of the Harry Potter series of books and films will certainly not be angry when they receive a ring hidden inside the Golden Candle from the chosen one.



The top features geometric patterns and transparent gold-plated walls.

agat box


And also boxes made of natural geodetic agate.

And which of these engagement ring packaging projects do you like the most?

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