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Intriguing custom packaging for beverages

by Packaging-Design.net
Intriguing custom packaging for beverages

Some custom packaging for beverages is so beautiful that it’s a shame to drink it! How to support an advertising campaign with a box? Today’s entry is dedicated to unique and original packaging for various types of liquids – it’s authentic!

Custom packaging for beverages

#1 Custom packaging for The Great Bonza

Custom packaging for The Great Bonza


The Great Bonza wine is packaged in unique packaging, which on the one hand is colorful and modern, and on the other hand refers to the retro style. The illustrations on the boxes are associated with Australia – the continent on which this unique wine is produced. The box stands out on the shelf and emphasizes many positive features of the product through its design.

#2 Bronuts



Who doesn’t love coffee and doughnuts? Bronuts brand, not only appeared on the market with an interesting idea, but also positively surprised the professional visual identification. It sends its products to customers in appetizing cardboard boxes and also uses paper coffee cups with a characteristic logotype. Kronuts serves similarly interesting boxes to its customers.

Luxury Custom Packaging

#1 Porto Ferreira’s wine

Porto Ferreira's wine


The design of the Porto Ferreira wine packaging was awarded the famous Golden A’ Design Award. The jury of the competition appreciated the fact that this packaging combines many advantages – it is functional, modern, creative and very aesthetic. Silver prints look great on a black box, and the cut-outs were designed to best highlight the positive features of the brand and emphasize its prestige. In our opinion, this packaging is absolutely wonderful, one of the best when it comes to custom packaging for beverages!

#2 House of Arras

House of Arras


As you can see, elegant drinks can be packed in various types of packaging, not just cardboard boxes. An unusual limited edition of 300 bottles of House of Arras wine was sold in elegant luxury caskets. Thus, the brand has shown that it values its customers and their taste very much. The company’s headquarters are located in Tasmania, and 34 years of experience in the wine industry is doing its job. House of Arras products are very much in demand by customers!

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