Interesting cardboard boxes for toothpaste


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Beautiful cardboard boxes are used in many industries to attract the eye of the customer and encourage them to purchase a particular product. We can also find them in the world of such articles as toothpaste. We have gathered some interesting inspirations!

Eco-friendly boxes by ECODENTA

Interesting cardboard boxes for toothpaste

ECODENTA is a brand of toothpaste, which has recently distinguished itself on the market. The company produces an original toothpaste based on… spinach. The original ingredient is not all that ECODENTA has to offer its customers. The toothpaste is packed in cardboard boxes, which are very aesthetic and appealing to the imagination.

As befits a toothpaste, ECODENTA boxes are oblong, so that they contain a tube inside. What makes it stand out is the image of fresh spinach leaves printed on the packaging. Although not everyone has good memories of this cabbage plant, the packaging has very positive associations. Green prints enhance the impression that ECODENTA is a brand worth trusting!

Cardboard boxes by LEBON

Interesting cardboard boxes for toothpaste

LEBON is a luxury French brand specializing in the production of high quality toothpaste. LEBON paste is based on natural ingredients only, there are no parabens or artificial dyes. The company’s offer includes various flavours – from mint, through lemon, to strawberry and herbal. There is no doubt that a product such as LEBON must be packed in a unique cardboard box – one that fully reflects the spirit of this brand!

LEBON products are packed in beautiful, luxurious boxes and tubes. The boxes were printed with gold-plated prints and their colours were carefully selected. White combined with gold, black, blue, orange, or delicate pink looks exceptionally good!

LEBON openly admits that ecology and the fate of the planet are just as important to the company as the health of its customers’ teeth. It is said that once you have used LEBON products, you will never go back to your normal toothpaste. This is largely due to the boxes in which the product is packed and the consistent approach to promoting the brand on the market.