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Designing printed boxes is art. What solutions in particular stand out on the market? Check out how Diggs brand designed its boxes!

The art of packaging design

Someone once said that packing products is art. According to this idea, producers of cosmetics, jewellery and electronic gadgets attract their customers with original packaging. They captivate with their original shape, aesthetic prints and ingenious advertising slogans. As it turns out, creative printed boxes may also appear in the pet industry!

Printed boxes made by Diggs brand

Diggs is a manufacturer of folding dog crates. These boxes can be used for transporting a pet, on holiday trips or during a regular visit to the vet. They are safe, stable and aesthetic. They’re easy to install and dismantle, and they’re also cosy so your pet feels at home inside rather than in prison.

Although the Diggs brand creates products dedicated to animals, it takes great care of how product packaging is perceived by the owners of four-legged animals. Diggs Printed boxes provide dog owners with a lot of excitement when unpacking ordered products!

Diggs packaging is inspired by boxes for children’s products. Their task is not only to protect the product, but also to advertise the brand to everyone, e.g. during transport. These boxes were made of very aesthetic cardboard in natural brown colour, which was printed with funny texts and graphic motifs evoking associations with the brand.

The colours are warm and pleasant, and the positive impressions when unpacking Diggs products are enhanced by creative advertising slogans.

“Home, sweet home”, “Home is where your dog is” or “Life is great, dogs make it better” are examples of content that will make many dog lovers smile.

We were enchanted not only by Diggs’ product, but also by the ecological packaging in which it was packed. What about you? If you are looking for more inspiring examples from the zoological industry, check out this article as well: https://packaging-design.net/boxes-for-e-commerce-ideas-for-the-zoology-industry