Grey boxes are beautiful too! Creative packaging design

Building a positive brand image, increasing sales, making consumers aware of it – this is what creative packaging design is all about. To create an interesting box, you don’t need tons of colours. Grey is beautiful too!

Creative packaging design – how to create a small grey work of art?

Creative packaging design is not only about creating original cuts and shapes. It is also a skilful use of colours. As it turns out, even grey cardboard can be used to conjure up a small work of art. Let’s take a look at the boxes used by well-known brands!

#1 Minimalism and class – A.N. Other


Just because something is grey doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be luxurious. The producer of luxury cosmetics A.N. Other opted for grey, minimalist poodles, perfectly adapted to the size of the products. Although the grey colour of the boxes should not, in theory, attract attention, they stand out in the market. This is what creative packaging design is all about!

#2 Elegance and style – Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t know the Hugo Boss perfume brand. Perfumes packed in grey boxes are distinguished by the embossed contour of the bottle and a black, clearly exposed logotype.

#3 Luxury and prestige – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is not far behind Hugo Boss. Ck Free cosmetics dedicated to men are packed in luxurious grey boxes with a logotype in light font. This is a good example of using colours that theoretically do not have the potential to attract the eye, but, when used with the right connections, achieve this goal.


Eternity cosmetics, also for men, are also packed in grey boxes. According to psychologists, this colour is very popular among men. Perhaps that’s why the cosmetics dedicated to men were packed in such boxes?

#4 Creative packaging design – Devotion


Packaging for luxury jewellery Devotion is an example of boxes, which, not only are very aesthetic, but also delight with the way of opening and closing. The glossy silver font on the grey packaging emphasizes the elegant character of the jewellery. It also refers to the natural colour of diamonds – the trademark of this brand.