Golden logo – or how to give printed boxes a Premium character


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  • Printed boxes - golden logo and Premium character
    • #1 Sofi
    • #2 Ciene
    • #3 Mesdemoiselles Madeleines
    • #4 Malie Organics
    • #5 Dandy
    • #6 Pandora
Niniejszy artykuł pod tytułem Brown boxes with imprints – less is more! nie stanowi porady, ani nie jest materiałem edukacyjnym, a jedynie przedstawia wyłącznie opinię jego autora. Oznacza to, że wszystkie informacje, które u nas znajdziesz na temat Brown boxes with imprints – less is more! należy traktować jako forma rozrywkowa, a każdą decyzję podejmować wyłącznie samodzielnie w oparciu o właśne doświadczenie oraz rozsądek. Nie tylko nie zachęcamy, ale wręcz odradzamy wykorzystywanie znalezionych tutaj informacji w każdym celu i w każdej sferze życia prywatnego oraz zawodowego.

Printed boxes are a universal and very practical advertising tool. In addition to product protection, they can also be used to present your brand in the best possible way. How does the golden logo affect the company’s image? We have prepared a few box inspirations for you!

Printed boxes – golden logo and Premium character

Manufacturers of luxury goods make every effort to ensure that their boxes have the same prestigious character as their products. One of the most interesting procedures that can be used to achieve such an effect is the gold-plated logo. How does it work in practice?

#1 Sofi


The manufacturer of bath cosmetics Sofi packs its products in elegant boxes decorated with a white label printed with a golden logotype. The embossed logotype looks great on a white background, both on the side walls of the box and on its lid.

#2 Ciene


As it turns out, the golden logo gives prestige not only to cosmetics or jewellery, but also to clothing and accessories. For example, Ciene is packing its products – elegant scarves – in lovely, narrow printed boxes – a golden logotype. Such boxes talk about the brand more than the best advertising!

#3 Mesdemoiselles Madeleines


Luxury baking requires a luxurious setting. The Paris-based company Mesdemoiselles Madeleines followed suit. The unique tart baked in the heart of France is packaged in stylish white printed boxes with a design – centred on the company’s logo in gold.

#4 Malie Organics


Gold foil on white cardboard combined with gold prints is the hallmark of Malie Organics cosmetics. The boxes delight with their detailed workmanship and very aesthetic appearance. Interestingly, the bottles and flacons were designed in the same way, so that the visual identity of the brand is very consistent.

#5 Dandy


As it turns out, the golden logo also looks great on a black background. The cosmetics company DANDY is packing its perfume in such modern and simple printed boxes. Isn’t it stylish?

#6 Pandora


The golden logo also appears on the packaging and promotional materials of the jewellery manufacturer Pandora. The company is known for its extremely tasteful, minimalist boxes with luxurious character and tasteful white inserts and pads.