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German clothing brands focus on eco-friendly boxes

by Packaging-Design.net
German clothing brands focus on eco-friendly boxes

Eco-friendly boxes can significantly change brand perception, interest consumers and encourage them to buy more often. What’s fashionable? We decided to take a look at two popular German clothing brands!

Eco-friendly boxes – why should you bet on cardboard?

Plastics and materials of such kind have been talked about for a long time. However, many companies still do not comply with recycling rules, even though they have the capacity to do so.  Alternative solutions that can be implemented within the company to minimize the production of environmentally harmful waste are vegetable fibre packaging and reusable packaging. Eco-friendly boxes made of cardboard can also help to protect our planet.

Eco-friendly boxes – how do German clothing brands take care of our planet?

Eco-friendly boxes are highly valued by those consumers who, in addition to high quality products, are aware of how to take care of our planet and prevent degradation of our natural environment. Such consumers have very high expectations and are more likely to use services and branded products that pursue a sustainable development policy and their activities do not contribute (or contribute, but only to a small extent) to the pollution of the environment.

#1 Malimo

German clothing brands focus on eco-friendly boxes


Malimo is a German clothing brand that produces clothes from theoretically used materials. These clothes, sold as The Upcycling Collection series, are very popular. The more so, because for each box purchased, the company planted as many as 10 trees! Malimo’s product packaging embodies the brand’s values and is made of ecological cardboard.

#2 Falke

Eco-friendly boxes Falke


Falke is a German sock manufacturer. Falke branded products are packaged in various types of packaging, one of which is a black eco-friendly cardboard box with a cut-out. The packaging was designed to emphasize the prestige of the brand. Printing the silver Falke logo on the black box is perfect for this task! Falke is also known for having launched extravagant (and very expensive) Vicuna socks on the market. One pair costs over $1,000!

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