Eco-friendly boxes, which will emphasize the natural character of cosmetics


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  • Eco-friendly boxes - minimalist and in harmony with nature
    • #1 Eco-friendly boxes for cosmetics
    • #2 Eco-friendly boxes for electronic gadgets
    • #3 Cardboard packaging for groceries
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Eco-friendly boxes conquer the hearts of consumers all over the world. We decided to check how brands use cardboard to promote their products of natural origin!

Eco-friendly boxes – minimalist and in harmony with nature

The eco-trend has been emerging for several years in many sectors. Reusability and biodegradability are highly valued assets, also in the packaging industry. Many retail chains have permanently introduced paper bags and eco-friendly boxes to their offer. Once regarded as inelegant and unsightly, today cardboard not only saves the environment, but also helps to create a positive brand image!

#1 Eco-friendly boxes for cosmetics

Eco-friendly boxes are very fashionable in the world of cosmetics. Thanks to them it is possible to emphasize the natural and organic character of the products. In cardboard boxes you can pack both single cosmetics and entire sets of cosmetics, e.g. in the form of a subscription box.

Subscription box

Kraft cardboard packaging is also welcome in the context of products such as fragrance candles. This type of boxes is used e.g. by Woodlawn & Main.

Woodlawn main packaging

#2 Eco-friendly boxes for electronic gadgets

As it turns out, black-and-white boxes are not the only way to pack electronics. They can also be packed in ecological cardboard boxes made from Kraft cardboard. Sennheiser, a company producing electronics for music lovers, among others, benefited from this idea.

Sennheiser boxes

Another representative of the electronics industry – Green Light Depot – does not lag behind Sennheiser. The company’s environmentally friendly energy-saving light bulbs are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. The boxes are decorated with a printed company name and a likeness of its flagship product.

Green light depot

#3 Cardboard packaging for groceries

Cardboard packaging can also be found in many food industries. The ecological boxes are used, among others, by the company – Kencko startup. Packaging design perfectly matches the character of food products – 100% natural, with no added sugar. Kencko products are tasty, healthy and affordable. The company’s aim is to change the current food system, the packaging strongly encourages it. This is how organic fruit and vegetable hybrids should be packed!

Kencko eco-friendly packaging