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Eco-friendly boxes to help you take care of your branding

by Packaging-Design.net
Eco-friendly boxes to help you take care of your branding

Eco-friendly boxes for business are the highest quality boxes made of cardboard. They are characterized by durability, practicality and beautiful workmanship. Why is it worth to implement such packaging in your company? We suggest in today’s entry on packaging-design.net!

Eco-friendly boxes for business

Eco-friendly boxes are packaging made of ecological paper. Most often it is cardboard that is recycled from waste paper, so it is 100% environmentally friendly. Pro-ecological strategy is an aspect that helps brands take care of their branding. By using eco-friendly boxes, companies can build a positive image among consumers. It’s a solution that looks good, not only is it economical and practical!

Eco-friendly boxes – how do companies care about branding?

If you are wondering how companies take care of their branding with cardboard boxes, just take a look at a few of the brands below:

  • Tahe – organic Tahe cosmetics are packed in beautifully designed cardboard boxes. The ecological character of the box harmonizes perfectly with the characteristics of the product!

eco packaging tahe

  • Green Depot, the manufacturer of eco-friendly light bulbs, stands out in the market – just take a look at the packaging! Not only are they ecological, but they also look really great!

eco packaging green depot eco

  • Bloombox – Bloombox is a company that delivers locally grown, high quality flowers, herbs and vegetable plants to the desired location. As you can see, apart from the high quality of service (the order is processed within 3 days of placing it), the brand also takes care of the ecological image with the use of packaging,

eco packaging bloombox

  • Biotika – this Polish company also uses ecological boxes. Minimalism, aesthetic black prints and centred logos are the best advertisement for a company producing natural cosmetics!

eco packaging biotica

  • Coffee Republic is another example of a Polish company that cares about its image on the market. The brand’s coffee packaging is especially impressive with its prints – their walls are decorated with images of various kinds of accessories for preparing delicious coffee.

eco packaging coffee republic

As it turns out, cardboard boxes can be used not only by large companies and business customers. They are also suitable for individual customers. They can be used as a practical decoration, e.g. for weddings.

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