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Eco-friendly boxes – meet the new Carlsberg bottle!

by Packaging-Design.net
Eco-friendly boxes - here comes the new Carlsberg bottle!

The Carlsberg brand has introduced two completely new types of eco-friendly boxes to the world. New bottles are still prototypes, but maybe soon their improved versions will be available in shops!

What are the boxes presented by Carlsberg made of?

Eco-friendly boxes, which may soon be launched on the market, are not boxes but… ecological bottles. Carlsberg suggested using wood fibres for their production. What’s that? These are cells of deciduous trees that are filled with air or water, and their task is to strengthen the plant.

Wooden fibres can be used not only for the production of eco-friendly boxes

Wooden fibres are now used by many different brands to produce ecological everyday objects. They can be used to make cutlery, for example. Following this lead, the giant Carlsberg announced that it wants to launch a bottle made of wood fibres. Such packaging would be produced without the use of plastic, glass or other synthetic materials.

The new bottle is called Green Fibre Bottle. So far, prototypes have been presented, but a whole staff of scientists and specialists are working on the packaging. It is not yet clear when the final version will see the light of day, but it is already clear that the main objective is to create a fully recyclable packaging that does not adversely affect the taste of the beverage.

Eco-friendly boxes – packaging that is not only environmentally friendly

Ecological packaging not only has a positive impact on our natural environment and contributes to the reduction of waste. This type of packaging is also valued by consumers who, apart from high quality, are looking for brands with similar values. Eco trends are growing in strength, so much so it points to the fact that other beer producers and not only liquors can also follow in the footsteps of Carlsberg.

What do you think of that idea? Do you think Green Fibre Bottle beer will taste as good as it does in glass bottles? We encourage you to comment and review the new bottle prototypes under this article!

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