Eco-friendly boxes in vintage style

Eco-friendly boxes appear in many different industries. Most often they are made of cardboard. Some brands, however, have gone far ahead when it comes to the design of such packaging. Today we take a closer look at the design of vintage style boxes!

Eco-friendly boxes made of cardboard or multifunctional product boxes

Eco-friendly boxes, especially those made of cardboard, are boxes that are very multifunctional. One of their tasks is to protect the product during delivery to the customer. Another one is to facilitate the storage of products or goods. In addition, cardboard boxes can (in their appearance) distinguish a product on the shelf, highlight the positive brand features and encourage customers to shop more often. Which brands have placed their bets on vintage style boxes and who do they want to go to with them? Let’s see!

Eco-friendly boxes in vintage style

#1 Fiain

Eco-friendly boxes in vintage style

Vintage style boxes are presented to their customers by the Irish brand Fiain. The company produces unique care accessories for men (shaving brushes, shaving soap, reusable shaving machines), with which it was quickly able to break out on the market. In what way? Through the original packaging!

The vintage design of Fiain boxes refers to the wild and unrestrained coastline of Ireland, as well as to the tradition that has been passed down there for years. They are made by hand in the Galway workshop, using raw materials such as tweed and sessile oak. The black print on the packaging underlines the brand’s character. A creative advertising slogan is an additional treat: “Handsomely made goods.”

#2 Wild Forest

co-friendly boxes in vintage style

The Wild Forest brand also presents its customers with imaginative vintage style boxes, this time not cardboard but paper bags. Exceptional tea blends are packed in bags in a natural brown colour. The vintage climate is reflected in prints – images of plants used to produce a given tea, as well as fonts, including a carefully designed logotype of the Wild Forest brand. The experience of unpacking Wild Forest products is enhanced by a cut-out in the lower part of the paper bag, through which the components of the tea blend are clearly visible. Isn’t it appetizing?