Eco-friendly boxes for reusable straws

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Did you know that 500,000 million plastic straws are consumed every day around the world? In order to take care of our natural environment, it is worth replacing harmful plastic with other, more ecological materials. Reusable straws, not only are they ecological, but they are also packed in eco-friendly boxes. Find out what it is!

Boxes for reusable straws

Reusable ecological straws are not only an excellent alternative to plastic disposable straws. It’s also a fashionable gadget and hit of the season. The straws packed in eco-friendly boxes are nice and practical and fit into the lifestyle based on the philosophy of “zero waste”. They can be used to drink ordinary lemon water or to taste your favourite drinks.

What are they usually made of? The materials that can be used to make them are..:

  • bamboo – bamboo straws are hand-made, beautiful and practical, and most importantly, ecological decoration for home, restaurant or hotel, which perfectly blends with other bamboo accessories, such as rootstocks or trays,
  • glass – glass straws can be recycled many times, they look very aesthetic and are easy to keep clean,
  • steel – steel straws are a purchase for some years ahead, an additional advantage is a unique appearance. Such metal straws will work well in modern homes and during an exquisite event.

Eco-friendly boxes for CaliWoods straws

If you are looking for interesting box inspirations, you will also find them in the reusable straw industry! Just take a look at the eco-friendly boxes of CaliWoods straws to make sure.

Eco-friendly boxes for CaliWoods straws

The metal straws produced by CaliWoods are packed in boxes of unique design. Their colour is natural cardboard brown and the prints are in dark font, reminiscent of handwriting.

CaliWoods straws are packed in flat and oblong boxes of different sizes. Some of them have been additionally equipped with a practical handle and cut-outs through which you can see straws. On each CaliWoods package you will also find a printed inscription “Plastic free” informing you that the product does not contain any harmful plastic at all. Many homeware manufacturers could learn marketing from CaliWoods!