Eco-friendly boxes – 5 creative ideas for gastronomy

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More and more catering companies decide to expand their offer with “food to go”, i.e. take away dishes. Competition is still growing… How to stand out in the market? We’ve put together 5 creative ideas for eco-friendly boxes that can help!

Eco-friendly boxes – 5 ideas for gastronomy

#1 Show your brand

Instead of investing in transparent or plastic “no-name” packaging, opt for eco-friendly boxes with a logo. The use of personalized boxes is one of the easiest ways to expose your brand. This way not only your customers will remember you, but also your brand will be noticed by new customers! The logo may appear on the box or on the tape/ribbon that will be bound to it. You can also apply them to the side walls of the box – there are no limits here!

#2 Bet on interesting colors

Happy Family Organics

The grey boxes are long out of fashion. Time to bet on new, interesting colours! In gastronomy you can usually find boxes in white or red. Natural kraft is also fashionable. Other colours worth using are citrus green and yellow. It is also worth trying the orange colour, because this colour stimulates appetite, increases appetite and makes the customer reach for our products even more willingly.

#3 Don’t be afraid of innovation

Avies Original

Some time ago, innovative eco-friendly boxes appeared on the Amazon – zippered bags. It’s great to keep your food in the fridge and take it away! Another kind of revolutionary packaging for gastronomy is jute bags for bread. Plastic bags and packaging don’t stand a chance against these environmentally friendly boxes!

#4 Make friends with nature

Bee Wrap

Recently, organic cotton packaging covered with bee wax (bee’s wrap) has appeared on the market. Food products can be wrapped around them and used repeatedly. This is a great alternative to plastic packaging!

#5 Be creative

Chocolate Boxes Packaging

The company logo is not the only thing that should appear on your packaging. Also remember about advertising slogans. “Love from the first bite”, “Before you touch me, cool down” or “Time for pizza” are examples of funny slogans that will make the customer remember your products well and use your offer again and again!