Designed by… nature! Replace plastic with cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are boxes that are durable and lightweight – they can be easily moved from place to place, transported and stacked one on top of the other. No wonder these boxes are well established in business. Why should I replace plastic with cardboard? We’re telling you.

Cartons for packaging – safety and convenience

It is not without reason that packaging cartons are so popular in many industries. Cardboard boxes is durable and lightweight and can contain items that are fragile, e.g. articles packed in glass bottles. In addition, they can be easily secured – just put special cardboard inserts or foamed polystyrene fillers inside. Cardboard boxes can be folded and unfolded as needed. Thanks to them, the shipped goods will not be damaged during transport. In this way, you can send household appliances, electronic gadgets, small jewellery and even glass decorations to your customers.

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Cardboard boxes – easier identification of products

Cardboard boxes protects products but also makes it easier to identify them, e.g. in a warehouse.  The cardboard box can be easily marked. Packaging manufacturers also recommend ordering pre-printed boxes. In this way you can not only easily recognize the contents of the box, but also give it an advertising value. Cardboard boxes are used by many trade, manufacturing and service companies, and are popular in online and stationary stores. They are also used by individual customers. Why is it worth replacing plastic in your company with cardboard?

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Carton vs. Plastics

Cardboard boxes is an environmentally friendly solution. Plastics, such as plastics used in many industries, decompose over hundreds of years, while the cardboard used to make cartons is 100% biodegradable. Unlike plastic bags, bottles and trays, cardboard packaging can be used many times to produce… new cardboard packaging.

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A carton, even one that has been printed, is a non-toxic and ecological product. No additional waste is produced or stored during the production of cardboard packaging. The implementation of such boxes in the company contributes to the improvement of our natural environment. It’s so easy!