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Customized gift boxes for corporate gifts – 5 inspirations

by Packaging-Design.net
Customized gift boxes for corporate gifts - 5 inspirations

Custom gift boxes are perfect for business. They can be used as a unique corporate gift for an employee or contractor! Today we present you with some fresh ideas!

Corporate gift boxes – why use them?

Giving loyal customers and employees attractive gifts is a common practice among large corporations. The employer or partner can thus express their appreciation for the cooperation, and it is also a form of reward for the whole year of work and for the successes achieved.

Giving your subordinates gifts in elegant custom gift boxes can motivate your team to work together more effectively. As a corporate gift, company gadgets, exquisite alcohols, sweets, cosmetics, gift vouchers and tickets for prestigious cultural events will be perfect. What do you wrap them in?

Custom gift boxes for business customers – 5 inspirations

#1 Wine packaging

wine box


A unique beverage requires a unique setting. It is no different with cognac, whisky and wine – that is, alcohol, which is very often used as a corporate gift. Custom gift boxes in glass bottles can have a wide variety of designs and colours. There is really something to choose from on the market!

#2 Boxes with sliding bottoms

jewellery packaging


Pull-out boxes are perfect for corporate gift packaging. In a personalized box you can pack not only jewellery, but also other small luxury gadgets, such as jacket or tie badges.

#3 Elegant boxes with a pillow inside

Jewellery box


Just like boxes with sliding bottoms, boxes with cushions look great and present a gift, especially one that is not too big, such as a watch, bracelet or earrings.

#4 Paper bags

paper bag


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Paper bags are a classic gift packaging that can be used for any occasion. The bag can accommodate a wide range of items. If we also put a company logo on it, it will also have an advertising function.

#5 Packaging with lids

gift box


Two-piece packaging with a lid is perfect as a gift. This is another way, next to boxes with a pillow or a sliding bottom, to expose a gift beautifully and make an impression on the recipient!

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