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Custom packaging – how to pack cereals?

by Packaging-Design.net
Custom packaging - how to pack cereals?

Custom packaging is found in many different industries. They could not be missing also in the catering industry. As it turns out, in an interesting way you can pack even… breakfast cereal. Make sure you check it out!

Interesting ideas for custom packaging for breakfast cereals

#1 Custom packaging by Kellogg

Custom packaging by Kellogg


The Kellogg brand not only focused on original packaging, but also decided to organize an interesting promotional campaign with their help. As part of the Colour & Win campaign, Kellogg customers were able to purchase special limited editions of certain flakes, then interact with the brand and see boxes in a completely different dimension thanks to AR (augmented reality).

#2 Custom packaging for Puhtikaura porridge

Custom packaging for Puhtikaura porridge


It is not without reason that Puhtikaura oatmeal was chosen the Finnish dish of the year. The packaging in which the breakfast delicacy is packed is unique, light and elegant. White cardboard looks great in combination with gold prints, foil and beautiful fonts and prints.

#3 Sami-s-Usami



The Russian children’s brand Sami-s-Usami also entered the market armed with unique packaging. A rich palette of colours, funny illustrations and encouragement to play with food and at the same time healthy diet balancing definitely appeals to mothers, both younger and older! In addition to breakfast cereals, Sami-s-Usami also produces healthy puree for the youngest.

#4 Hubbards



Hubbards is a brand that also stands out in the market through its product packaging. Various colours, cartoon design, cut-outs and eye-catching fonts – this is custom packaging by Hubbards!

#5 Organix


The Organix brand also presents beautifully coloured packaging to its customers. Breakfast flakes are distinguished by tasty land market colours. The company logo was placed in a central place on the box, making it quite eye-catching. Tasty, isn’t it?

#6 Dorset Cereals

Dorset Cereals

The Dorset Cereals brand also placed its trust in colourful packaging with elements of folklore. The granola produced by this company is packed in handy and very aesthetic cardboard boxes that prolong the freshness of the product. Half of the box is decorated with an image of the ingredients, while the other half, the upper part, is decorated with printed product names.

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