Custom packaging – colourful food for children

Niniejszy artykuł pod tytułem Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry nie stanowi porady, ani nie jest materiałem edukacyjnym, a jedynie przedstawia wyłącznie opinię jego autora. Oznacza to, że wszystkie informacje, które u nas znajdziesz na temat Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry należy traktować jako forma rozrywkowa, a każdą decyzję podejmować wyłącznie samodzielnie w oparciu o właśne doświadczenie oraz rozsądek. Nie tylko nie zachęcamy, ale wręcz odradzamy wykorzystywanie znalezionych tutaj informacji w każdym celu i w każdej sferze życia prywatnego oraz zawodowego.

Cerebelly is an ecological brand of baby food. However, it stands out on the market not only because of the high quality of its products, but also because of… custom packaging! Cerebelly colourful boxes are a great inspiration for designing packaging!

Custom packaging – what are its functions?

Custom packaging is a packaging that can be designed from scratch. For this purpose, you can use the help of a designer, create a project yourself (e.g. in the online wizard) or ask the packaging manufacturer for help. Today’s consumers appreciate unusual solutions, so it’s no wonder that more and more companies are implementing unusual and eye-catching custom packaging!

What are the functions of such boxes? First of all, it is a place for unusual advertisement of the activity – services, products, values that the company is guided by. Through the design of such a box you can express more about a product than the best advertising slogans would say.

With custom packaging you can:

  • highlight the advantages of the products,
  • underline the luxurious character of the brand,
  • make your customers feel special because they have bought this product,
  • inspire consumer confidence in the brand,
  • to encourage more frequent shopping.

How did Cerebelly, a brand producing baby food, benefit from the potential of packaging? Let’s have a look!

Packaging from Cerebelly

Cerebelly is a brand for which proper nutrition of a developing baby is very important. However, it is not only the high value of the ingredients that counts. Visual identification is also important. Cerebelly’s colourful packaging was supposed to be equally attractive for both parents and infants. Did it work out? In our opinion, definitely yes!

Custom packaging Cerebelly

Both the cardboard packaging and the Cerebelly plastic bags are eye-catching. The message of the cheerful prints is also clear. We are dealing here with natural products that improve well-being and have a positive impact on health. With such delicacies, taking care of a balanced diet of a toddler is pure pleasure and fun, even if we got such a packed spinach or Brussels sprouts! What do you think of such boxes? We encourage you to comment!