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Custom Boxes – these companies can use minimal branding

by Packaging-Design.net
Custom Boxes - these companies can use minimal branding

Custom cardboard boxes can be used in a wide variety of industries. They are used by food producers, pharmaceutical companies and jewellery companies. How can minimalist design help promote clothing? Let’s check it out!

Custom boxes – how to design the perfect packaging?

Manufacturers of business packaging offer their customers many different types of boxes made of cardboard. The most popular are flap boxes and fashion boxes. The first ones are closed with wings – so called flaps. The latter can be opened and closed many more times after opening, without the use of a strap. Such packaging is offered, among others, by a well-known company Packhelp.

Custom boxes are liked by clothing manufacturers in particular. From what we have observed, a particularly popular motif that appears in this industry is a minimalist motif. How to use minimal branding in packaging marketing? Let’s have a look!

#1 Hien Le

Hien Le is a textbook example of how to use minimalist design to promote your products. The designer very consistently adheres to the principles and philosophy of the brand. Black and white Le Hien custom boxes are elegant, non-commercial and beautiful!

Custom Boxes Hien Le



As it turns out, giants from the fashion world can also draw inspiration from minimalist projects. A good example is the GUCCI. The elaborately designed boxes emphasize the unique character of the brand’s products – these boxes are desired by women all over the world!

Gucci Packaging Design



Pura Lopez products are tasteful pins, clothes and jewellery for women. Contrary to popular fashion, however, they are packed in minimalist, tasteful boxes. There’s no feast of colours or unnecessary decorations here. Boxes are characterized by subdued colours and elegant logotype – printed in a very large size, placed in the central part of the box. Isn’t it beautiful?

Custom Boxes Pura Lopez


#4 Mizu

The Japanese brand MIZU produces perfumes, home accessories and various decorations and jewellery. It is a company that values nature, harmony, perception of the world with all its senses and peace. No wonder the company decided to pack its products in simple cardboard boxes. This minimalist design fits perfectly with the brand philosophy!

custom boxes mizu


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