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Custom boxes – how to use white colour to promote your products?

by Packaging-Design.net
Custom boxes - how to use white colour to promote your products?

Did you know that custom boxes can be used to promote your products? In today’s entry we suggest how to increase sales with the use of white colours of packaging!

Creative and custom boxes – how to distinguish a product on the market?

White product packaging does not have to be boring at all. What may distinguish them is an unusual motive, a way of opening or the use of interesting colour contrasts. Here are interesting ideas for custom boxes, which are worth to be inspired!

#1 Sweet Petula

How to design a packaging that will delight your customers with creativity? Its reception can change completely high quality, precise printing. Just take a look at the paper packaging of Sweet Petula. Precise prints decorating their walls attract the eye and encourage to buy!

sweet petula


#2 Peet Rivko

Like Sweet Petula, Peet Rivko boxes also impress with their aesthetic design. We are dealing here with a completely different style – custom boxes are characterized by minimalism. In accordance with the “less is more” principle, Peet Rivko skin cosmetics have also been designed. It is a natural product, free from artificial additives, chemicals and irritants.



#3 Verso Skincare

Verso Skincare uses minimalistic boxes, which are not only printed with a typical advertising function. The numbers on the packaging indicate to consumers the order in which Verso Skincare products are applied. Isn’t that ingenious?



Custom boxes = non-standard shape

What else can you change in a box to catch the eye of your customers? Like its shape! They’re fashionable:

  • Boxes with handles – preferably in combination with atypical printing!
astrid therese


  • Two-piece box, suggesting that there is a really valuable product inside,
box parfums


  • Boxes with sliding bottoms,


  • Boxes with an unusual way of opening,
chanel coco


  • Food packaging in the shape of… food,
pizza box


  • Square, round and hexagonal boxes,
la antigua


  • Boxes and paper bags with cut-outs,


  • Unusual packaging with an intriguing and eye-catching shape,


untypique packaging


  • Elegant boxes with compartments.


The above examples show that there are many options to attract the customer’s attention. If you commission a professional company to make product packaging, you will be able to implement even the most difficult project!

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