Cult cardboard boxes for playing card

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In the world of board games, product packaging plays a very important role. What interesting cardboard boxes can you find in this industry? We decided to check it out!

Cult cardboard boxes that you can’t help but notice

#1 Jack Daniel’s cardboard boxes

Jack Daniel's cardboard boxes

One of the iconic cardboard boxes you might not know is Jack Daniel’s Playing Cards. While the cards do not have anything special about them, the design of the box is very important. This edition is very welcome by many gentlemen!

#2 Bicycle Neptune

Bicycle Neptune cardboard boxes

Who among the players doesn’t know the brand of Bicycle cards. The American brand has been on the market for over 130 years. The offer of Bicycle playing cards is very rich and diverse, each model is packed in completely different boxes. We particularly liked the black and blue packaging for the limited edition Bicycle Neptune series.

#3 Regal

Regal cardboard boxes

REGAL cards are particularly popular with experienced gamblers. Both the card packaging and the cards themselves are coated with gold foil, which increases their durability and adds prestige. The motif used to produce cardboard boxes Regal can evoke associations with mysticism and occultism. Is that right? We leave it to you to judge!

Beautiful cardboard boxes from the game world

#1 Prism Night

Prism Night

The old ruined cards your grandmother played will be forgotten when you see the beautiful modern Prism Night cards. Both the cards and card packs are equipped with unique neon prints. Black and laser light will surely give the gameplay a new, exciting dimension and certainly will not be boring!

#2 Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Cards is an ideal gift for game lovers fascinated by the world of nature. Both boxes and cards adorn realistic images of insects from different families. The cards are available in beautiful white and black boxes. Graduates of biological studies will certainly have a lot of fun marking insect species!

#3 Artisan


Artisan’s playing cards have been designed with a flourish. They are packed in luxurious white boxes with gold and dark gold prints. The cards themselves are also unique because they are made from FSC-certified paper. Inscriptions and detailed illustrations embossed with gold hot foil on black paper are impressive!