Home Books & Media Creative ideas for wedding guest books – custom packaging can be useful here!

Creative ideas for wedding guest books – custom packaging can be useful here!

by Packaging-Design.net
Creative ideas for wedding guest books - custom packaging can be useful here!

The Wedding Books of the Visitors, viewed after years, will evoke wonderful memories of this most important day. Instead of a standard book, however, it is worth going beyond the schemes and presenting something original to the guests. In today’s entry we present creative ideas for custom packaging – guest books!

Wedding Guest Books – how to use custom packaging creatively for this purpose?

#1 From the heart

One of the most fashionable ideas for Wedding Guest Books is a transparent box with wooden hearts. After signing the heart, guests throw it inside the box.



Custom packaging or frame in any shape can be used to create such a book.



#2 Dream Team



Wedding Guest Books does not have to be a book at all. The Bride and the Groom and Bridegroom should be a team and face up to various life’s competitions. According to this idea, personalised T-shirts in commemorative showcases can be used as guest books.

#3 You Mean the World to us

world map


An interesting idea for the Wedding Guest Books is a custom packaging – a display case with a map of the world. Each participant of the wedding party receives a pin and a marker from the bride and groom to leave a souvenir in any place in the world.

#4 Playing Jenga



You know a game like Jenga’s? This is another interesting idea for a wedding souvenir. If the bride and groom are passionate about playing board games, it is a good idea!

#5 Transparent


box for cards


If you prefer classic but still creative solutions, a transparent box will do the trick. It’s best to have one that’s padlocked. It is not only a great souvenir, but also a very elegant decoration for home!

#6 Puzzle



A letterbox in which you throw not letters, but puzzles, is another example of interesting and unusual Guest Books.

#7 An ingenious book



It’s supposed to be a Book, but it looks unusual. Thanks to the fact that wedding guests throw cards into small envelopes, wishes can be made in a completely new dimension.

#8 Sign a Cork



Instead of the Book, you can give your guests an original heart shaped box filled with… wine corks. Signed corks can be thrown into a lamp or into an ingenious wish barrel.

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