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Creative and customized boxes from the board game world

by Packaging-Design.net
Creative and customized boxes from the board game world

Custom packaging is used in many industries to differentiate a brand in the market. What is the situation with regard to packaging for board games? We decided to check it out!

Custom packaging in the world of board games – you will be amazed by these projects!

Board games are one of the most creative entertainment industries. Their creators must demonstrate not only the idea of the game itself, but also its execution. The promotion of titles is supported by attractive custom packaging. Their appearance can largely influence customers’ purchasing decisions and contribute to sales. Which game boxes are not less noticeable than their contents?

#1 Rocca



The producer of 3D cards packs his articles in extremely interesting custom packaging. Rocca card packaging is distinguished by its hexagonal shape and three-dimensional graphics. The big advantage is their small size. It’s a game you can take with you almost anywhere!

#2 Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble



Cluedo, Monopoly and Scrabble have all been edited in many different ways. One of them is a unique series of games packed in book-like boxes. Such a packed game, not only does it look great on the shelf, but it also provides a lot of pleasure while unpacking. It’s a great procedure!

#3 Nowhere to Go

Nowhere to Go


Nowhere to Go is another example of a board game that was packed in a custom packaging. The strategy game is sold in eye-catching hexagonal flat boxes. What distinguishes it on the market is also its white, black, and orange colours.

#4 Dice Boxes

dice box


There’s no shortage of creative dice boxes in the gaming industry. Lovers of turn-based games, RPG sessions, card games and fantasy games can store their precious dice in stylish trunks, crates and even linen printed bags. In addition to the wide range of products available on the market, bone boxes can also be customised to suit your specific production needs.

#5 Magnetic Chess



There is nothing like a traditional and well-known for generations game in a modern version. According to this principle, magnetic chess was created in the original boxes with sliding drawers. The big advantage of this classic game is its small size. So you can take your favourite chess almost anywhere!

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