Best Packaging Desing Companies

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More and more companies believe that product packaging is an obligatory element of the advertising campaign, both for stationary business and for e-shops. What are the best packaging design companies? What do they offer to their customers? We decided to check it out!

Here are the best packaging design companies

Below we present, in our opinion, the best packaging design companies operating in different countries.

#1 Turner Duckworth

Turner Duckworth is a true giant among packaging manufacturers. The company designs visual identification and packaging for brands such as Coors Light, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Subway and McDonald’s.

Turner Duckworth

The company has been present on the market for almost 30 years. As they say themselves, “We have always championed the unmistakable in defiance of the normal and the predictable. This obsession inspires our guiding principle, Love the Unmistakable®.”

Turner Duckworth

#2 Murmur Creative

Murmur is a company that specializes in brand and competition research, as well as in the production of packaging for retailers. The core values of Murmur are empathy, wow effect, ecology, strategic development and brand thinking.

Murmur Creative

The company attaches great importance to giving its customers valuable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly packaging. He also deals with other areas of marketing. Murmur is home to a team of specialists in various fields – programmers, photographers, designers, strategists and even writers.

Murmur Creative

#3 Refine Packaging

Refine Packaging is a packaging manufacturer that has already cooperated with T-Mobile, Adidas, Pandora and Old Spice. Refine Packaging offers customized business packaging, high quality shipping boxes, food boxes and elegant gift packaging.

Refine Packaging

The offer of boxes produced by the company is very impressive, they will interest both producers of cosmetics and sellers of electronics, cigars, sweets and pharmaceutical products.

Refine Packaging

#4 Pulp and Wire

Pulp and Wire is an award-winning agency dealing with packaging marketing and the production of consumer packaging. The company specializes in the production of packaging for organic food and promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Pulp and Wire

In addition to creating packaging, the agency also runs advertising campaigns, creates websites for its customers and operates Social Media channels.  Such brands as Black Dinah, The Chaat Co. and SIBU cooperated with Pulp and Wire. The packaging produced by the company are creative, aesthetic and fully reflect the pro-ecological spirit of the company.

#5 Ruckus Marketing

Ruckus is an agency offering a wide range of marketing services, including the production of packaging and building brand image with their help. Companies such as Indikitch or Murad have already benefited from the services of the company.

Ruckus Marketing

Interestingly, Ruckus offers its customers a wide range of services including web development, UX design, market research, e-shop applications and creative services.

#6 The Custom Boxes

The Custom Boxes is a packaging manufacturer that stands out from the crowd. The company manufactures personalized boxes for packing and promoting products in custom sizes. It also runs an inspiring blog with many interesting ideas for e-commerce.

The Custom Boxes

The company’s offer includes Kraft boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, wedding and cosmetic packaging. The company also manufactures food service boxes and offers its customers a wide range of packaging finishing options.

#7 Salazar

Salazar is another packaging manufacturer who considers ecology to be of paramount importance. The company serves hundreds of customers from different countries for whom it produces unique boxes.

Salazar Packaging

In Salazar’s offer you can find both boxes with digital overprint and packaging with compartments, paper envelopes for business, gift packaging and boxes for clothing manufacturers. In the gallery on Salazar’s website you can take a closer look at their rich portfolio and the projects that the company has implemented so far.


Packhelp is a manufacturer of cardboard packaging for business. This company began to exist on the market as a Polish start-up, and today it cooperates with customers from all over the world. Packhelp was created to revolutionize the world of packaging and provide customers with the best solutions to help them create the perfect business box. Orders can be placed via a special application and the online packaging wizard – quickly, easily and without the need to contact the printing house.

Packhelp cardboard packaging

Packhelp offer includes many different types of packaging, including luxury decorative boxes, ecological paper bags, wine boxes and durable cardboard retail boxes. Just take a look at the projects made by Packhelp to want to make contact with them!

Packhelp Custom Packaging

The best packaging design companies recommend that you use the…

The product packaging industry is a very creative industry. How to stand out in the market? The best packaging design companies advise you to use unconventional packaging without forgetting the practical nature of the packaging. In addition to advertising the company and encouraging customers to buy, boxes should also be practical and functional. They should adequately protect the product and prevent any damage to the product during transport.

The ideal packaging is a box that is lightweight, load-bearing, durable and easy to store. Additionally, it should be aesthetic and personalized, so that you can naturally advertise your business with its help. What else can be done about packaging?

Here’s some advice:

  • Use the box to show off the best features of your product – solutions such as a box with a lid, a two-part opening box or a box with cut-outs will allow you to present your product in the right way and show it in the best possible way,
  • Speak to the customer using the packaging – use the multicolour printing option on the packaging and put on it a password that will appeal to your customer. This can be a slogan, a tip or a simple thank you for your purchase, each of these options will be appreciated by the consumer,
  • Display your company’s logo on the box – your company’s logo should be clearly visible on the box, its cover is best suited for this purpose, but it can also be printed on other places, e.g. side walls or on the ribbon that will close the box.

Packaging makes it easier for consumers to identify the products of a particular brand, thereby increasing their awareness of that brand. They help to refresh the image and establish a positive relationship with the consumer. They also increase the attractiveness of the product. If you’re looking for box-like inspiration, don’t hesitate to check out our other entries, for example: The most energetic boxes for e-commerce or Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry. You will find there many interesting ideas that will help you to create the perfect box for your brand!