Colourful cardboard boxes for cosmetics – 10 iconic projects

Cardboard boxes for cosmetics can impress with their colours, cut and design of prints. In addition to protecting the product, their purpose is also to advertise the brand. No wonder that cosmetics manufacturers pay so much attention to the process of creating branded packaging!

Colourful cardboard boxes for cosmetics that you won’t pass by indifferently

Cosmetic manufacturers use many different tricks to attract customers and encourage them to buy. One of them are colourful cardboard boxes. Through their design, one can express a great deal about a product. The appearance of the box can trigger positive emotions in the customers and even, convince them to brand and make them buy. How do the best in the business do it? Let’s see!

Colourful cardboard boxes for cosmetics – 10 most interesting projects

#1 Chanel

The leader in the cosmetics industry, Chanel, is well known for its exclusive packaging. Both Chanel perfume and ordinary samples are always exceptionally packaged!

cosmetics packaging chanel

#2 Jurlique

Bleached cardboard, minimalist fonts and detailed illustrations – images of the plants from which organic cosmetics were made? That’s what minimalist Jurlique boxes are all about!

cosmetics packaging jurlique

#3 Rodinia

Skincare cosmetics manufacturer Rodinia has also opted for minimalist whitewashed cardboard boxes.

cosmetics packaging rodinia

#4 Baebrow

Baebrow proves that small cosmetics, such as mascara or eyeliner, also deserve a beautiful, luxurious packaging.

cosmetics packaging baebrow

#5 Equal Beauty

Equal Beauty packs its unique cosmetics in equally unique packaging. Minimalistic white and black? Or maybe an elegant box with a nostalgic printed illustration? The choice is up to the customers.

cosmetics packaging equal-beauty

#6 Sara Simar

What if we broke the white with pastel colours? As you can see from the packaging of the Spanish cosmetic brand Sara Simar, the effect is wonderful!

cosmetics packaging sara simar

#7 Lesielle Cosmetics

The colour on the cosmetic packaging can be used as an instruction – in the case of Lesielle Cosmetics, thanks to the colours, we know whether the cosmetic is suitable for our skin!

cosmetics packaging lesielle

#8 Ringana

The manufacturer of natural cosmetics – Ringana – also uses different colour versions to emphasize the character and purpose of its products.

cosmetics packaging ringana

#9 Only Good

Just like Only Good.

cosmetics packaging only good

#10 Karen Murell

Karen Murell lipsticks also stand out with their colourful cardboard boxes!

cosmetics packaging karen murell