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Coffee boxes for shipping – how to differentiate yourself in the market?

by Packaging-Design.net

Interesting boxes for shipping are one of the best ways to get your customers interested. How do coffee producers stand out in the market? Let’s check it out!

Boxes for shipping coffee – how to differentiate yourself in the market?

Onyx Coffee Lab knows how to differentiate its products on the market. The boxes for shipping roasted coffee from this brand look like they contain a pair of expensive shoes, exclusive jewellery or luxury clothing inside. The box’s interior also adds prestige to the box – the gold-printed inscription “Never Settle for Good Enough” refers to not choosing what is good enough in life, but betting on what is best. Advertising slogans can be interpreted very differently, e.g. in relation to life partners, diet, work, or just… coffee. Isn’t it brilliant?

box for coffee roasters


Cooper’s Coffee Company’s coffee packaging also stands out on the market. Tasty coffee, sample sets and coffee souvenirs are packed in elegant black packaging. The bags used by the brand are designed to keep the coffee fresh for as long as possible. The colours of the prints – fonts and symbols – refer to the taste of a particular coffee. The Ethiopian Rye series is packed differently, the Rwanda Rum series is packed differently, and the whiskey-flavoured coffee is packed differently.

box for shipping coffee


Boxes for coffee – what else can you do to achieve a competitive advantage?

Another idea that will help to distinguish the brand and its products on the market is the so-called gift boxes or subscription boxes. These are boxes for shipping special dispatch – these packages do not contain one kind of coffee, only it is a specially selected set for the customer. New products and samples as well as gift sets can be packed in this way. This solution was borrowed from the cosmetics industry, where subscription boxes have been in existence for a long time.

box for coffe


Coffee lovers will certainly be happy to receive such a special box full of delicious coffee and different flavours, won’t they? Especially since the content of the gift box can be personalized and adjusted to the preferences of the recipient! Inside you can find samples of different flavours, specific product series or coffee with other gifts, such as sweets. Such a box is a great gift idea, not only for a private person, but also for a business client!



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