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Cardboard boxes of Shinola – check it out!

by Packaging-Design.net
Check this elongated cardboard boxes of Shinola

Shinola is an American luxury goods brand based in Detroit. Founded in 2011, the company produces watches and various types of leather goods. What we were interested in was the cardboard boxes that the brand has been using recently. Let’s have a look!

Non-standard cardboard boxes Shinola

Cardboard boxes for Shinola watches impress with their unusual shape. They are strongly elongated, so that the whole watch can fit into them, and also have a foam filling. They also stand out through their prints – each model has a completely different, stunning design. Shinola watch boxes are dripping with style and prestige!

Great Americans Series


In addition to the luxury and cult Great Americans Series 2018 and the watches referring to one of the most famous American symbols – the Statue of Liberty, it is worth noting the limited Canfield Cannonball series. This is Shinola’s tribute to the American railroad. Here, the boxes are also unusual, because they are square in shape.

Canfield Cannonball series


The latest collection, Shinola Detroit, is also an eye-catcher. Again we are dealing with longitudinal boxes and very interesting graphic designs. In the case of Pine Knob, for example, these are snow and avalanche motifs, the Daily Wear represents a typical elegant American businessman, while the D1 is a combination of elegance and a sporty lifestyle.

cardboard boxes Shinola Detroit


Another example is the limited Lake Erie Monster collection. The two-colour boxes contain a unique diving watch inside. Their design refers to the famous sea monster from Lake Erie. The likeness of the monster is also marked on the dial of the watch, on its back side.

Lake Erie Monster



Other interesting cardboard boxes in the jewellery industry

It is not only Shinola that impresses its customers with its beautiful cardboard packaging. Beautiful boxes can also be found in the offer of other jewellery companies, such as e.g.:

  • Poppy Finch is a beautiful line of jewellery by Amanda He, dedicated to elegant and confident women,
cardboard boxes Poppy Finch


  • CHANDRA – stylish feminine accessories and accessories are packed in elegant two-part boxes and gift bags,


  • SHEYN – 3D jewellery is packed in stylish, sophisticated and completely ecological packaging.


And which of the presented packaging do you like the most? We encourage you to comment!

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