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Cardboard boxes can help you with… snapshots

by Packaging-Design.net
Cardboard boxes can help you with... snapshots

Most of the entries on this blog are related to the use of cardboard boxes in business and advertising. This time we decided to present the cardboard in a different light. How to take pictures with his help? We invite you to read it!

What is pinhole photography?

Pinhole photography is an interesting field of photography in which no glasses or lenses are used. It is enough to use the phenomenon of camera obscura to take interesting pictures. Satisfactory effects can be achieved with… cardboard boxes. A light source and a darkened box are enough to create a reversed image of the outside world. This technique is not easy and requires a good preparation of the frame, in addition to photographers, painters can also use it.

Cardboard boxes – how to use them to take snapshots?

In order to take snapshots using pinhole photography technique, it is enough to have cardboard boxes (e.g. shoes), aluminium plate – it can be cut out from any drink and photographic photosensitive material (e.g. special paper).

The next step is to experiment. The box should be lined with black paper or painted with black paint to minimise glare, and a hole should be cut out on one side of the box. An aluminium sheet or black insulation tape should be applied to the hole, and on the other side, opposite the hole, a photosensitive material should be installed. We take pictures when a beam of light falls through the hole.

A handcrafted pinhole camera allows you to photograph a variety of things – landscapes and characters alike. Photos taken with cardboard will have an infinite depth of field at any point, and many photographers value this method also for the transience of the image (such an effect will be obtained as a result of long exposure).

As you can see, cardboard boxes are not only useful for storing things in them and selling products to customers. They can also be used in a slightly more alternative way. Of course, you can buy a ready-made pinhole camera, but much more fun (and savings) can be provided by creating such a pinhole camera on your own and experimenting.

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