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Cardboard boxes can be art too!

by Packaging-Design.net
Cardboard boxes can be art too!

Cardboard boxes are packaging that primarily protect the product you find in them. This is especially important during transport and delivery to the customer. However, boxes can also serve many other functions – some of them can be designed to delight the consumer with their appearance and encourage him to buy!

How to create original and unique cardboard boxes?

Designing cardboard boxes starts with choosing the shape, style and colour of the box. Already at this stage it is worth to move away from traditional solutions and present something special to the customer!

How to create the perfect box?

  • Try out custom dimensions and shapes,
  • Choose the colour palette carefully,
  • use the advertising potential of the box – print your logo on it!
  • Use new technologies – Hot Stamping or embossing are printing technologies that can help you stand out in the market.

Cardboard boxes – a few inspirations from various industries

#1 Krusteaz Select

Krusteaz Select


The Krusteaz Select limited edition boxes are an ideal example of how to use colours that are representative of each taste and product type on the packaging. The boxes are decorated with beautiful illustrations and elegant fonts. Although they are colourful, they are kept in a minimalist style. Illustrations of kitchen utensils are symbolic sketches.

#2 Sheyn



Sheyn is also a brand that attaches great importance to packaging. Cardboard boxes Sheyn have an unusual shape, a lid and geometric patterns printed in black font. Minimalism combines here with ecology and modernity, which fits perfectly with Sheyn’s products, i.e. jewellery produced in 3D printing technology.

#3 Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall


The Loeffler Randall brand presented very interesting cardboard packaging to its customers. Unusual, because the cardboard is usually printed in dark font. The opposite is true here – the company’s logo is printed in white. On the one hand, it looks as if frosting has been applied to the box, and on the other hand, it looks very stylish and elegant! The new boxes are also a good contrast to the previous editions of Loeffler Randall products.

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