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Boxes with imprint – interesting packaging for skin care cosmetics

by Alicja Hudzik
Boxes with imprint - interesting packaging for skin care cosmetics

Boxes with imprint are packaging used by many industries. You can pack electronic gadgets, clothes, decorations, jewellery and cosmetics in them. Thanks to the durable structure of the box, the product will not be damaged during transport, and the print is full of advertising value. How do the manufacturers of skincare products benefit from the potential of the boxes? Let’s have a look!

Boxes with imprint – interesting packaging from the world of cosmetics industry

#1 White boxes with imprint

White is the colour that most often appears in the cosmetic packaging industry. It couldn’t be missed among the boxes for skin care cosmetics as well! A good example is the Colorneer brand. On Colorneer packaging the company and product names are printed in small fonts, as well as with an elegant gold-plated design. Minimalism, chic and elegance!

boxes with imprint colorneer


#2 White with vivid colours broken through

White boxes are also used by the Spanish brand Sara Simar, but this colour does not appear on packaging on its own. The sterility effect has been broken through by positive and warm colours – yellow, navy blue, violet, orange and green. This allows Sara Simar’s customers to easily distinguish between the different products and apply them correctly.

boxes with imprint sara simar


#3 Boxes with Microme Cosmetics imprint

The russian brand Microme Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics for molecular make-up. They are designed to rejuvenate the skin and protect it from external factors. Microme Cosmetics products are packed in elegant boxes that clearly show the pink colour, suggesting that these are products for women only. Personally, the combination of dark green and navy blue with pink did not really appeal to us. What do you think?

boxes with imprint microme cosmetics


#4 Ivoire’s creamy boxes of Ivoire

Finally, the absolute classic, i.e. the white-cream Ivoire cosmetic packaging. On the front of the box you will find only what is absolutely necessary, i.e. the company logo and the cosmetic model. On the back there is printed information about the composition of cosmetics. This proves that printing on boxes can have not only aesthetic or advertising functions, but also informational ones. Ivoire boxes were designed in the comfort of the French studio Horror Vacui. Isn’t it beautiful?

boxes with imprint ivoire


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