Boxes with imprint – how to give ordinary products a unique character?

Niniejszy artykuł pod tytułem Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry nie stanowi porady, ani nie jest materiałem edukacyjnym, a jedynie przedstawia wyłącznie opinię jego autora. Oznacza to, że wszystkie informacje, które u nas znajdziesz na temat Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry należy traktować jako forma rozrywkowa, a każdą decyzję podejmować wyłącznie samodzielnie w oparciu o właśne doświadczenie oraz rozsądek. Nie tylko nie zachęcamy, ale wręcz odradzamy wykorzystywanie znalezionych tutaj informacji w każdym celu i w każdej sferze życia prywatnego oraz zawodowego.

The atypical design of the box may contribute to the fact that the consumer wants to buy the product, even if he has not yet seen it thoroughly. How to design unique boxes with imprint to fully exploit their advertising potential? Below you will find some inspirations!

Boxes with imprint – some interesting ideas

In e-commerce you can find a lot of interesting box inspirations. If you do not have an idea for packaging for your company, just look around and then consider what design best reflects the nature of the products you offer to your customers.

For example, Fensismensi opted for an interesting motif, the so-called polka dots. Black, randomly distributed peas look very interesting on a snow-white box. On the one hand, the design is elegant and on the other hand, it evokes very positive emotions towards the brand. It also emphasises the feminine character of the products sold by Fensismensi.

boxes with imprint fensismensi

Polka dots also appears on the boxes of the American company POLKA. Here, however, in a slightly different version – colourful and gaudy.

boxes with imprint polka dots

Personally, we are not convinced of such a colouring in relation to the food industry. We liked Wicked chocolate packaging much more. The gold-plated print looks great on brown boxes, giving them a luxurious look.

boxes with imprint wicked

Would you like to order special boxes for your company?

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