Boxes with imprint – how to effectively attract the attention of the customer?

Boxes with imprint to hit in e-commerce. Thanks to them you can effectively attract the attention of the customer and encourage him to purchase. How to develop an unboxing experience to perfection and expose the company’s logo? Here are some inspirations!

Product packaging is a valuable marketing tool. Properly designed, it can attract the customer’s attention and encourage them to buy. Boxes with imprint in the form of a company logo helps to increase customer awareness of our brand. What to do to intrigue the client with their help? Let’s take a look at a few packages – real business cards!

Boxes with imprint – inspiration for e-commerce

#1 Minimalism

Marc Jacobs

Black and white is a timeless duo that also appears in the context of packaging and printing. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use these two colours to promote your brand, take a look at the Pont Marie, ATURA, Pure Leaf and Marc Jacobs product packaging. If minimalism is not enough for you, you can always add an interesting accent, such as a delicate sketch or a golden foil finish.

#2 Precision

Sweet Petula

How to create boxes that stay in the memory of your customers for a long time? Sweet Petula knows this very well. A soap manufacturer packs its products in printed packaging that adorns precise sketches. You can find beautiful floral motifs, images of birds, mammals and insects from biological atlases, and even anatomical sketches made with great attention to detail. Such an elegant box will appeal not only to biologists!

#3 Hot Stamping


One of the newer techniques of applying a logotype on a box is hot stamping. It is a solution used mainly by luxury brands. Companies such as the German SPA Salon am Hof or the automotive giant BMW use hot foil to emboss the logo on the packaging.

#4 Prints inside the box

Too Faced

One of the most interesting solutions in the industry are boxes with printed inside. This procedure is used e.g. by Too Faced. When the box is opened, the customer will receive the inscription “You’re So Too Faced” and a plastic bag with the ordered product. The advertising slogan increases brand awareness and increases the customer’s belonging to the community using Too Faced products.