Boxes for shipping – ideas for skincare products


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Shipping packages play a very important role in e-commerce and traditional shopping, in stationary stores. Their most important role is to protect the product, but boxes also have many other important roles to play. What interesting packaging ideas can be found in skin care products?

Boxes for shipping by MAYA

Boxes for shipping - ideas for skincare products

Maya Advanced Skin & Body Care is a brand with an impeccable reputation. The company has a wide range of skin care products, including spa preparations and corrective preparations. Maya packs her company products in aesthetic boxes for shipping. The look of the boxes emphasizes that only natural ingredients were used to make cosmetics, their images are on the MAYA packaging.

Boxes for shipping by QIQU

Boxes for shipping - ideas for skincare products

QIQU is a brand of cosmetics for skin care, dedicated to people who have been coveted or suffered other types of skin damage. These cosmetics have healing properties and bring relief to the skin, which has abrasions, spots or blisters. QIQU boxes are on the one hand minimalistic, and on the other hand, they arouse curiosity by using modern colours. The brand decided not to combine white and black and combines white with violet and mint green on its packaging in a bold way or combining only violet and green.

Boxes by Yves Rocher

Boxes for shipping - ideas for skincare products

The well-known brand Yves Rocher also offers its customers interesting boxes. The Elixir Jeunesse Beauty Boxy subscription boxes contain beautiful sets of skincare products. Creams and lotions are packed in stylish, light green packaging. Apart from plastic bottles and tubes, there was also a cult cardboard box with white prints and blue accents.

Yves Rocher is a company known for its beautiful boxes. In particular, the Christmas editions of Yves Rocher products are packaged in smart packaging. This year’s Christmas collection has been placed in beautiful green boxes, like a Christmas tree, on which tiny images of symbols announcing the holidays have been printed. Printed in silver and gold is very ceremonial!