Boxes for shipping – ideas for contact lenses

Original boxes for shipping can help in marketing pharmaceutical and health-related products. Boxes for contact lenses are a good example. Let’s see which products stand out in this industry!

Original boxes for shipping on contact lenses

Original boxes for shipping are a proven way to distinguish a brand on the market. In order for a box to be appreciated by consumers as much as the product it contains, it must have several important features.

Welcome to the boxes, which are welcome:

  • are ecological and 100% recyclable,
  • are aesthetically pleasing and affect the senses,
  • have practical facilities – e.g. a handle for the hand, a filling in the form of a pillow or a cut-out,
  • are original – intriguing, puzzling, eye-catching.

How to create such a package? It turns out that even in the contact lens industry this is possible. Let’s have a look!

Boxes for shipping – these boxes are particularly eye-catching!

#1 Dimple

Boxes for shipping - Dimple

Dimple is a completely new dimension in contact lens boxes. Light blue packaging with white print is fresh and modern. Customers who order more lenses will also receive a further colourful package with the funny inscription “We only have eyes for you” or “You’re now a Dimple wearer”.

What else distinguishes the Dimple brand? The fact that every type of lens sold has a completely different blister design. This is completely new when it comes to contact packaging. And a big facilitation for consumers who buy different types of glasses for every eye. For us, it’s a bomb. What do you think?

#2 Hubble

Boxes for shipping - Hubble

Hubble is another example of a brand that stands out on the contact lens market through its original boxes for shipping. Hubble boxes are ecological, they are not printed on the top, but when the customer opens the package, the customer sees a very aesthetic interior.

The inner walls of the cardboard box are printed in white, and are decorated with small illustrations of contact lenses. What makes it stand out is the colourful boxes with contacts, on which the brand logotype is printed in the central part of the packaging. Isn’t it beautiful? Interestingly, Hubble offers its customers very attractive promotions, such as the first box at a promotional price of just $1 or free subscription boxes.